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Canadian Startup Poised to Enter U.S. Home Healthcare Market


Article written by Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Associates via Home Care Technology Report. Original link here: 

What kind of software would you develop if you had sufficient funds, an understanding of the needs of home healthcare provider agencies, and no knowledge of how “it has always been done?” Adrian Schauer is a serial technology entrepreneur and active angel investor who concluded that his third start-up should offer both EMR software and billing software for Medicaid, integrated so that home care patient information flows bi-directionally.

The founder and CEO of AlayaCare is poised to cross the border and begin promoting his Canadian company to U.S. home care providers later this year.

When told that these two systems are not normally provided by the same company but more commonly knitted together by separate, cooperative vendors, Schauer gave a shrug. “It seemed logical to me that they belong together,” he told HCTR. “Taking care of patients and taking care of business are two sides of the same coin.”



AlayaCare describes its mission as combining remote patient monitoring with a next-generation operational excellence platform. “With the coming shift from Fee-for-Service to Outcome-based-Reimbursement,” company materials explain, “the leading homecare agencies of the future will use the AlayaCare platform to generate meaningfully better results for patients, staff, and shareholders.” Schauer and his team plan to attract private duty providers first and release a Medicare version later.



Previously, Schauer sold his last start-up, a mobile enterprise software named Vortex Connect, in 2012 and remained for two years with the aquiring firm, JDA Software, as VP of Innovation.

As a member of Maple Leaf Angels and Anges Quebec, he has led investment rounds in TrackTik and in Chipcare Corporation, a biotech spin out of the University of Toronto, and continues to serve as Chairman of the Board.

He is also the co-founder of the Madiro Fund, an organization created to support innovative solutions to the health problems of women and children. It is the first initiative of The Gillian and Adrian Schauer Foundation, which seeks to invest in sustainable local projects promoting the health of communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Schauer holds a Masters of Applied Science from the University of Toronto and Bachelor’s of Engineering Physics from Queen’s University.

AlayaCare’s standard features include:

  • Patient reporting, scheduling, and billing
  • Mobile point-of-care module
  • Mapping and route optimization
  • Integrated wearable for monitoring patient vital signs
  • Patient portals with family access
  • Machine learning, data analytics-driven reporting

Pricing and an exact U.S. release date have not been set. We will keep an eye on this company and let readers know as soon as we know.