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AlayaCare’s new Family Portal further modernizes the delivery of home care


When in-person visits are limited or unavailable as during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s especially urgent to know that our loved ones are okay. “Social distancing” and even quarantines shouldn’t hamper our ability to keep tabs on the well-being of millions of seniors and others relying on home care.

As part of our commitment to providing home and community care providers with flexible, intuitive technology, AlayaCare has evolved its Family Portal to not only allow clients and authorized family members to view their health care information, but to also be empowered and active members of their own care plans.

AlayaCare’s new online Family Portal helps usher in a new standard of care: transparent, secure communication from client to provider – accessible anytime, anywhere.

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A new portal of communication

Modern technology moves at the speed of now, so the portal generates real-time updates that give home care clients and families up-to-the-moment information.

Schedules and care plans and payments can change. For agencies, this has meant a consistent stream of time spent on administration and on calling each individual client who is affected. The portal erases much of this time, as it provides clients a window on their schedules, care plans, and payments – a line of communication that sets clear expectations and never leaves them in the dark. 

This can be particularly useful when many family members are involved in their loved one’s care. It isn’t hard for miscommunication to arise regarding next steps of a care plan or staying on top of caregiver visits. The portal gives a consistent way for everyone to stay in the immediate loop.

The portal shortens the distance new information must travel to those who need it. Say, for instance, a family member had a new concern they needed the agency to look into. Perhaps they spoke to a personal support worker who didn’t translate it back until a week later and it subsequently took the nurse too long to assess the problem. With the portal, family members log that concern right away for appropriate follow-up.

AlayaCare Family Portal Tablet

Empower clients toward self-care

Anywhere in health care, it’s ideal for patients to be involved in their own care. The Family Portal provides the tools for home care users to do so, and erases the lack of transparency between clients and their plans and visit details.

It’s not rare for people living at home with health issues, or otherwise needing assistance, to feel like they are losing their independence. The portal is one measure that puts control back into their hands: they aren’t just recipients of care, but members of their own care team.

Through the portal, clients can access and complete self-assessments and clinical forms, share their own vitals and medical information, and access billing, invoicing and other administrative elements.

It also adds a new layer of accountability. If clients wonder why they are taking certain medications, performing certain exercises, or doing assigned tasks, they can log on and see how it relates to their care goals. They also have newfound responsibility: if a client is to take and log a form or self-assessment each morning, for instance, they must input that in the portal for home care staff to review and take action on if needed – whether by an in-person or virtual visit.

AlayaCare Family Portal

Secure and HIPAA-compliant technology

Privacy is top of mind these days, as technology offers ever-more inventive ways to stay connected and deliver new efficiencies to health care. At the same time, the storing and sharing of personal information must be fully secure. 

The AlayaCare team developed the Family Portal to ensure clients can have secure access to stay connected to their care. The portal is HIPAA-compliant, and access is only given to users permitted by each client, who are filed under specific roles.

This way, each client can tailor how much information they wish each stakeholder – family member, nurse, PSW – to actually see. Decisions on the family portal are made by clients and families themselves.

To learn more about our newest component of the AlayaCare virtual care suite, click here.

And from our team to yours, please be well and stay safe.