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3 Incredibly Important Reasons Why Home Care Families NEED More Touches


Recently my family had the terrible, but all too common experience of dealing with the sad and lengthy road leading to the eventual passing of my wife’s grandfather. A proud, successful business man was reduced to a considerably depressing existence due to the ravages of dementia and other health complications. Fortunately the home care provided by the LHIN, the assigned Home Care Agency, the private duty workers and his physicians was excellent. Despite that great care there was a void on our end – the family was left in the dark at times, frustrated and reduced to a work arounds, calls and frequent visits to simply read the binder.

Deploying a Family Portal is such an obvious strategy for agencies for 3 reasons:

  1. Dramatically Reduce Calls – Whether your agency has a dedicated call center or simply a receptionist who is forced to answer questions from family members by providing information, billing inquiries, schedules or taking availability changes the volume of calls will diminish to a manageable level, freeing up staff to focus on strategic work versus simply relaying information.
  2. Improve Outcomes – Incredible content is published or curated by your organization – “How to Care for X”, “Dealing with Y”, “Doing Z to help…”… not to mention seminars, webinars and other resources. Unfortunately the majority of the content is stuffed in the back of a binder and forgotten about. Providing the right content at the right time in an integrated and easy to digest fashion will ultimately lead to content that is consumed… consumed content should directly impact the client positively.
  3. Margins are thin in home healthcare, business is tough and any marketer will tell you that generating new clients from scratch is exponentially tougher than retaining and drawing more revenue from existing clients. By providing critical information clients’ family members are genuinely going to be appreciative and will undoubtedly build up a tremendous amount of positive brand equity for your agency. As important, a very happy and captive audience is likely to add additional services if provided the opportunity in an easy venue.

Take a closer look at our family portal today by requesting a demo at your convenience.



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