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From insight to impact: Using data to drive decisions and take action [Webinar Recap] 

By AlayaCare / December 28, 2023

Every caregiver, clinician, and C-suite executive will agree that data collection is the lifeblood of the home care industry—but we can also admit that the sheer amount of insights is overwhelming. We all have a treasure trove of data, but is it accurate or complete? Can it be organized to tell a logical story or,…

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5 more ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software solutions

4 data reports to drive better client experience and satisfaction

By AlayaCare / November 14, 2023

Client experience is not just a priority—it’s a growth catalyst. High levels of satisfaction can lead to increased referrals, expanding your clientele and strengthening your organization’s reputation. But how can you ensure you’re consistently offering top-notch service?   The answer lies in data. By leveraging four key data reports, home-based care agencies can make informed,…

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5 Key Features to Look for in Home Care Software with AI Scheduling Capabilities

What is business intelligence & what does it mean to your Home-based care agency?

By AlayaCare / September 12, 2023

Home and community care providers are transforming their businesses to adjust to the tectonic shifts in the industry. Agencies need to leverage their systems to do more with less, and the catalyst for this change is to be obsessed about data driven decision making. Thankfully, the rise of business intelligence (BI) is unlocking actionable insights…

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Data webinar with HHCN and AlayaCare

[On-demand webinar] From insight to impact: using data to drive decisions and take action

By AlayaCare / August 10, 2023

Watch the full webinar. Your home-based care agency may already be collecting tons of data, but how well are you using it to make effective decisions and take the right action steps to truly improve your business? Join industry experts from AlayaCare and Premier Home Health Care as we discuss real-world examples and share tips…

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