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Switching Home Care Software Solutions: How to Make Your Data Migration Easier


Home healthcare organizations can spend thousands of dollars implementing an electronic solution or upgrading their legacy software platform to run their business on. A home care software solution can be one of the most valuable assets to your organization, so having to uproot and fit all of your information into a new solution can be daunting and complex. It’s not uncommon for agencies to get bogged down by security issues, multiple data sources and low quality data causing them to hang on to their outdated systems rather than implement a new solution and go through a data migration.

But what if data migration didn’t have to be hard? When you work with a trusted partner who has helped several agencies like yours make the move to a new system, your journey becomes much easier, especially when you know what to expect.

With the help of AlayaCare’s data team, you have the ability to quickly, securely and cost-efficiently conduct a data migration from your legacy on premise solution to a cloud solution.

Here are some of the tips and tricks suggested by AlayaCare’s data specialists to help make your data migration easier:

Knowledge is Power

The first step to ensuring your data migration into your new software solution is successful is to know and understand the data you have. By fully profiling and evaluating your data you’ll then be able to apply necessary clean ups to ensure you’re populating your new system with the cleanest most trusted data.

Once you have a clear understanding of the data and the quality of that data you need to populate your new software solution, the easier it will become for you to formulate your migration plan.


In order to avoid risk and potential complications during a data migration, you need to have a plan. Considering you’ve invested in the system itself, it’s important that you consider managing your data migration as part of this investment. A well thought out migration strategy might include your goals, a timeline, analysis, budget, and a resource plan. Having a plan in place will help reduce the risk of error, delays, and excess spending. More importantly you want to make sure the data you have in your new system will support the needs of your agency as well as contribute to the improvement of both clinical and operational outcomes.

Here is a Data Migration Checklist developed by Data Migration Pro that can help further guide you through planning process.

Form a Dedicated Team

Developing a plan and monitoring the execution of a data migration strategy requires time and close attention. If you don’t invest the time to make sure your data migration plan is being executed properly, you’re at greater risk of error or reducing the overall quality of your data.

Consider bringing in an expert or having an employee or team dedicated to your data migration project in order to make sure deadlines are met and the migration goes according to plan.

Gather Requirements

Before you begin your data migration process you’ll want to have clear definitions and understanding of your agency’s functionality and business needs with the new system. Work with your end users to discover the end-to-end functionality and engage individuals within your organization who know and understand the data in your current system.

You’ll want to ask questions such as “will existing data support new users?” or “what do you plan on analyzing in the future that you aren’t currently collecting data on?” to various stakeholders and employees to make sure your visions moving forward are aligned.

Engage your Data Specialist (AlayaLabs)

When switching to a new system your new vendor should be available to able to provide recommendations and to help improve the performance of your migration process. At AlayaCare we have a dedicated team ready to assist you with your data migration needs so don’t be afraid to engage them and ask questions at any stage of your implementation. Need some inspiration?

Watch one of our data specialists, Jonathan Vallée the VP of Engineering at AlayaCare, talk about the future of home care from a data perspective here:

AlayaCare is a provider of an end-to-end home healthcare software solution focused on improving agency outcomes through the use of next-generation technology. If you’ve been holding on to your outdated legacy software solution to avoid the risk of a data migration nightmare, AlayaCare is here to help. Reach out for a consultation today and learn how we can help your agency improve outcomes.