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Is your agency keeping up with home care technology?


The demand for change in the industry has been an ongoing topic for years, and the pandemic has been a catalyst in increasing the urgency — not only is there a massive need for change, but agencies are also pressured to pick up the pace. 

Striving to implement regulatory requirements and adapt to new models of care, while keeping up with flourishing innovations and technology, providers are asked to achieve more in less time than ever before. 

Not to mention, care workers still need to attend to clients and attempt to maintain a healthy work life balance; it’s a stressful process. 

But in such a fast-paced industry, it’s important for providers to embrace change or else they risk missing out on opportunities to decrease costs, improve patient comfort, reduce staff churn and staff productivity. 

Technology specifically is revolutionizing home care.

Keeping up with ever-changing home care tech trends may be challenging, but it is necessary in order for agencies to strengthen and grow; and more importantly for providing better patient outcomes. 

Adrian Schauer identified that one of the major trends in 2021 would be a significant shift in home health-care from technology-enabled to technology-centric.  


Even though there was a demand over the past two years to implement technology, there still are home care agencies falling behind. From our 2020 Home Based Care Technology Survey, 72% of respondents reported using some kind of technology to provide care, but 28% aren’t using anything at all — no phones, no live video, no online portals. 

Take our quiz to see if you’re keeping up with the biggest technological advancements in the home care industry or if it’s time to think about making a change (click to enlarge) :

Keeping up with Home Care Software Technology

Did you find your agency is falling short in advanced home care technology? 

Regardless of the basis for your decision, you want your implementation to go as smoothly as possible – for the good of your team as well as your patients. 

The National Learning Consortium (NLC) and the Health Information Technology Research Center (HITRC) released an informative article on home care change management to help organizations like yours implement new technologies into the workplace. Take a look here. 

AlayaCare offers an end-to-end home care solution equipped all the tools you need to keep up with evolving industry trends. If you’re looking to become an industry leader, request a demo today. 

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