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Game Changing Home Care Software Feature Enhancements: AlayaCare’s Release 100


With a new year comes new challenges and goals, and as our industry continues to shift in the new year, your software platform needs to stay up to date. AlayaCare kicked off 2017 with a bang as we announced some unique and innovative feature enhancements in our 100th release on Wednesday, January 4th.

The AlayaCare mission is to help home and community care providers around the globe overcome a number of pressing challenges, and Release 100 enables our clients to take optimizing their care delivery to the next level:

Release 100

Complex Recurrence Rule Creation (CRRC)

Complex Recurrence Rule Creation (CRRC) is the culmination of a scheduling journey that started early in 2016 as we began to focus on informing schedulers/coordinators of which care worker is best suited for each visit. We then took it to the next level by presenting details around their availability and work hours.

With Release 100, AlayaCare now provides users with CRRC, or the ability to create up to 7 unique recurrence rules for a client from one single screen! Scheduling and coordination has never been more optimized. Here’s a quick video overview of the release features:

At AlayaCare we are continuously searching for new and unique ways to improve our technology and create a better future for home health care—we push boundaries and dig deep to help provide clients and patients with new solutions for their pain points.

Interested in learning more about AlayaCare’s exciting new home care software features? Schedule a personal demo with one of our representatives who will show you how you can change the way home care is delivered for the better.