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3 reasons why Family Tree trusts AlayaCare’s partner FrontStream for payments 

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Managing home-based care services can be challenging, from scheduling caregivers to ensuring timely payments. One solution that has proven to be efficient and seamless for payment processing is FrontStream. As one of AlayaCare’s integration partners, FrontStream offers a modern, secure payment platform that simplifies end-of-day reconciliations and provides unmatched customer support for home-based care organizations.  

Here are three benefits gained by Family Tree by using FrontStream for payments with AlayaCare’s home-based care software system: 

1. Quick, easy, and efficient Payments  

Efficient payment processes are essential in any healthcare organization. It is crucial to have a swift and easy system that ensures payments are made promptly, allowing them to further concentrate on improving patient care. Family Tree’s VP of Finance and Controller, David Gobea’s testimonial on their experience with FrontStream attests to this. 

“We onboard a client, enter their payment information whether it be a credit card or ACH into AlayaCare, and it works seamlessly.”

David Gobea – VP of Finance and Controller, Family Tree

FrontStream saves Family Tree valuable time that would have been spent entering payment information manually. This feature is vital for home-based care organizations with a significant influx of clients. 

2. Significantly reduced time by batching transactions 

Reconciling payments at the end of the day can be tedious, especially for organizations with many transactions. In the past, Family Tree’s previous processor often batched transactions and returns, leading to challenging end-of-day reconciliations. 

However, with FrontStream, all transactions are batched on the same day, simplifying their end-of-day reconciliation process significantly. 

“Now, we no longer need to track down processed and returned funds, as everything is intuitively managed and easily reconciled.”

Shoaib Ali – Account Manager, Family Tree

3. Received high-quality customer support with FrontStream 

FrontStream’s customer support service is an essential aspect that has earned them trust from healthcare organizations. Having excellent customer support when running an operation is critical as it saves time and unnecessary stress. 

Family Tree’s testimonial on the partnership with FrontStream says that they “really enjoy the partnership with FrontStream. They are highly cooperative, swiftly resolve our issues, and the migration from our previous payment processor was seamless.” As an organization that values good customer support, Family Tree found the transition process seamless. 

“We have a personal connection with our support representative, Shane. His responsiveness is truly commendable as he promptly addresses our inquiries. What’s even more impressive is that FrontStream as a whole consistently handles and resolves our issues within a remarkably quick timeframe of 24 hours or less.”

Shoaib Ali – Account Manager, Family Tree

In addition, FrontStream’s domestic customer support has proven to be significantly timesaving for Family Tree compared to their previous offshore support provider. 

FrontStream‘s payment processing system undoubtedly offers a seamless and efficient solution for home-based care organizations like Family Tree. With batched transactions and reliable customer support, it improves the reconciliation process and helps avoid unnecessary stress. The positive experience that Family Tree has had with FrontStream can glean insight for home-based care executives and managers seeking to improve workflows around payment processing. 

Check out our recent live platform tour to get a glimpse into what FrontStream can do for your organization. 

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