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unlocking excellence in hiring webinar

Unlocking hiring excellence in home care: A roundtable discussion [webinar recap]

By AlayaCare / December 21, 2023

Home care organizations everywhere face budget constraints, compliance issues, and high turnover rates. Operational efficiency and the home care hiring process are vital to ensure companies can stay ahead of the trends and provide the best possible service to their clients.    75% of agencies had to turn down cases due to friction in the efficiency…

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10 Questions to Ask When Looking for a Home Care Software Platform

3 reasons why Family Tree trusts AlayaCare’s partner FrontStream for payments 

By AlayaCare / October 17, 2023

Managing home-based care services can be challenging, from scheduling caregivers to ensuring timely payments. One solution that has proven to be efficient and seamless for payment processing is FrontStream. As one of AlayaCare’s integration partners, FrontStream offers a modern, secure payment platform that simplifies end-of-day reconciliations and provides unmatched customer support for home-based care organizations.  …

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Webinar: Creative Strategies and Tools to Boost Caregiver Satisfaction

Creative strategies and tools to boost caregiver satisfaction [Webinar Recap]

By AlayaCare / October 3, 2023

The home-based care workforce will have 4.7 million total job openings by 2030, 3.7 million of which were vacated by caregivers moving into other occupations or leaving the labor force altogether. As the senior population continues to skyrocket, projected to triple over the next two decades, it’s vital to embrace tactics that can revitalize caregiver satisfaction and retain workers…

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4 Elements to Make the Vision for Integrated Care a Reality

By AlayaCare / June 25, 2019

There’s little debate any longer in the home care community that when the full spectrum of a client’s health-care team works in tandem, they foster better patient outcomes. As we detailed in our home care predictions for 2019, when all providers share the same real-time information and are able to understand a client’s needs on…

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