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Live Platform Tour

AlayaCare + Forcura Integration

Join AlayaCare and Forcura on January 24th at 1pm ET for a live demonstration of AlayaCare’s Forcura integration, the integration that manages care coordination documents and referral intake with ease. By combining Forcura’s comprehensive workflow management platform with AlayaCare’s innovative home care software, agencies can improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance client care.

During the webinar, learn how the AlayaCare + Forcura integration:

Simplifies care plan documentation management: Send, track, and manage care plans and client forms effortlessly with approved documents in Forcura being automatically uploaded to the client profile in AlayaCare in real-time.

Automates referral intake: Onboard clients faster with automated referral intake and data sync that inputs incoming client information to the client profile in AlayaCare - minimizing data entry and saving time spent on manual tasks.

Optimizes care coordination workflows: Enhance your care operational efficiency by streamlining documentation management and referral intake so your staff can provide faster care and boost client satisfaction.


In home-based care, manual care documentation and referral management can cause major roadblocks on your agency’s administrative efficiency. With AlayaCare’s Forcura integration, agencies can reduce their time spent on administrative processes and optimize their care coordination workflows by centralizing their care documentation and referral intake.

Forcura is a leading healthcare workflow management and communication solution that is driving connected care for better performance. Through our partnership with Forcura, your team is able to leverage our integration to manage care documentation and referral intake with ease.

Join Adam Lane, National Sales Director – Channel Partners at Forcura, Micheal Whyte, Senior Manager – Partner Alliances at AlayaCare, and Alex Niu, Associate Product Marketing Manager at AlayaCare, on January 24th at 1pm ET for a live demonstration of the AlayaCare + Forcura integration referral and documentation management capabilities.

Tune in to discover how you can start boosting your operational efficiency and deliver care to your clients faster with the AlayaCare’s Forcura integration. Register today!


Adam Lane

National Sales Director, Channel Partners

Micheal Whyte

Sr. Manager, Partner Alliances

Alex Niu

Associate Manager, Product Marketing