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Scheduling Issues and the Impact on Caregiver Turnover

Why do scheduling issues occur?

How do scheduling issues affect caregiver turnover?

What can you do to reduce scheduling issues at your home care agency?


Caregiver turnover is a common issue for home care agencies and can become a major concern if not addressed. When it comes to the underlying causes of poor retention, many of us look first at issues like pay, benefits, the challenges of the work, or the travel burden of all the driving caregivers need to do.

However, one factor often overlooked is scheduling and the impact it can have on caregiver turnover.

The scheduler has a vital relationship with your agency’s caregivers. Indeed, they are often the main point of contact for caregivers who rarely come into the office. Of course, schedulers are responsible for assigning shifts, which means they have a major impact on caregiver satisfaction – and retention.

We recently sat down with some experienced professionals in the home care industry to discuss the impact that scheduling issues have on caregiver turnover and what home health care agencies can do to address them.

Our panel was made up of Courtney Penn, Client Growth Lead for the Transcend Strategy Group; Shihwan Chung, President of MedTec Healthcare & Private Duty; and our own Chase Potter, Vice President of Professional Services here at AlayaCare.