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On-demand webinar

4 revolutionary use cases for AI in home-based care 

How AI and machine learning are driving better outcomes in 2024

Listen as we explore:

Real-world applications for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), generative AI, and optimization algorithms for home-based care

4 compelling use cases powered by AI and ML and how these examples are impacting clients, caregivers, and agencies

How your organization can start utilizing these technologies to yield remarkable results

Plus, Q&A with our expert speakers


One of the most significant transformations taking place in home-based care is the continued proliferation of AI, machine learning, and other advanced tech. These technologies can dramatically improve both clinical outcomes for clients and operational performance and efficiency for agencies, and the new capabilities unlocked by their adoption will significantly affect how we approach delivering care in 2024 and beyond.

View this webinar to learn more about 4 of the most impactful use cases, including detecting and proactively addressing client risk, predicting employee churn, automatically optimizing caregiver scheduling, and enabling caregivers with a smart AI clinical assistant.

2024 will be a pivotal year for improving care by adopting and deploying new technology. Register today to learn how your team can benefit from AI’s widespread adoption in the year to come.


Adrian Schauer

Co-founder and CEO,

Naomi Goldapple

SVP of Data & Intelligence,

Jeff Howell

Director of Growth,