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Amplify your reach: Home-based care marketing, referral, and reputation management

With over 35,000+ home-based care companies across the US and that number increasing year over year; how do you stand out? In this on demand webinar we discuss three key areas to help grow your business: marketing, referral management, and reputation management.

Listen in to hear:

Techniques to build and maintain trust with clients and their families

Ideas to differentiate your home-based care business to stand out from the crowd

How to determine your best referral sources and maximizing those sources

How to ensure referrals across multiple business lines


Marketing home-based care is unique, because it doesn’t mean just one thing. You have to consider things like branding, referral sources, marketing for caregiver recruitment, and reputation management among clients and their families.

On top of that, you have to think about how you market to consumers—are they private pay or Medicaid?  You also need to consider how you market to referral partners, including identifying and maximizing your best referral sources. And what about about the latest tools and technologies for marketing, referral tracking, and reputation management?

Listen in as our panel of home-based care experts weigh-in on these topics.


Chad Fincher M.S, M.A, MSMK ​

Vice President ​
Optimal Home Care Inc.

Nour Jamil

Senior Solutions Engineer​

Jessica Nobles

Chief Executive Officer​
Home Care Ops

Erin Vallier

Director of Sales, US SMB Market