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Live Platform Tour

AlayaCare Connector

Join PurposeCare and AlayaCare for a live demonstration of 3 key AlayaCare Connector use cases and to hear the innovative ways PurposeCare is leveraging Connector to automate processes to deliver better client care.  

We’re pleased to welcome Robert Kolodenko, Senior Vice President of Data & Technology at PurposeCare, as he shares how PurposeCare embraces innovation by using Connector to create a tailored solution to automating their operations and driving better care for PurposeCare clients.  

In addition to learning about PurposeCare’s unique workflow, during this webinar you‘ll learn how AlayaCare Connector can automate:  

Client intake: Automatically pull intake form information into AlayaCare client profiles

Visit reminders: Automatically notify either employees or clients of upcoming visits

Late clock-in and clock-out notifications: Automatically send late clock-in or clock-out reminders for field staff

And more!


Achieving efficient interoperability is quickly becoming an industry standard as more and more healthcare organizations recognize its importance in streamlining operations and enabling better care. 

With AlayaCare Connector, users have the ability to connect their everyday platforms in a brand-new, seamless way. By minimizing manual data entry and streamlining data flow, AlayaCare Connector allows for more time to be dedicated to delivering better care and improving outcomes. 

Tune in to learn what’s possible for your organization’s operational capabilities with Connector.


Robert Kolodenko

Senior Vice President, Data & Technology

Alex Niu

Associate Product Marketing Manager

Wyatt Niblett-Wilson

Senior Solutions Engineer