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AlayaCare Wins Québec 2023 ‘Excellence in Artificial Intelligence’ Award at C2 Montreal

Excellence in AI Award at C2 with AI Meetings Event_May 25 2023_Naomi Goldapple

The ‘AI Meetings’ event sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal, Scale AI, and the Québec Innovation Council celebrated local AI companies driving innovation and service for the better good—and better outcomes—of society.

MONTREAL, QC—30th May 2023—AlayaCare, an end-to-end software platform for home-based care, won the AI Product of the Year award last week during C2 Montreal, an annual event uniting commerce and creativity to help leaders invent the future of business. Over 400 members of the Québec AI ecosystem gathered to address the importance of ethical and responsible AI oversight and to recognize the ingenuity, talent, and excellence in AI that AlayaCare and other AI innovators in Montréal are creating to solve the major challenges of tomorrow.

AlayaCare won the AI Product of the Year Award based on its pioneering vision to create a platform that leverages AI and advanced algorithms to replace outdated software and remove repetitive tasks common in today’s home-based care institutions and agencies. By optimizing the entire continuum of care for public, community, and private care organizations—AlayaCare is helping caregivers benefit from less paperwork and repetitive tasks to focus on providing more attentive care.

AlayaLabs—based in the AlayaCare Montréal office—brings together top data scientists and AI specialists to explore and create the most innovative and optimized technology for the homecare industry. The demand for home care is exploding as the baby boomer generation moves into retirement, and hospitals and emergency rooms face understaffing. AlayaCare is committed to helping all homecare entities modernize their end-to-end operations to make assessments, intake, data insights, scheduling, and visit and route optimization an easy-to-use automated system.

“The AlayaLabs team consists of some of the most talented data scientists, developers, and optimization experts in the world. Every day I’m inspired by the culture, innovation, and creativity our team fosters—as we modernize homecare with better technology for better outcomes,” said Naomi Goldapple, Senior Vice President of Data Intelligence and General Manager of AlayaLabs.

To learn more about the AlayaCare Cloud platform or request a demo, visit:

About AlayaCare

AlayaCare is an end-to-end software platform for public, private, non-profit and community home-based care organizations that manages the entire client lifecycle, including needs assessments, care plans, scheduling, visit and route optimization, and visit verification. Founded in 2014 with over 680 employees, AlayaCare combines traditional in-home and virtual care solutions that enable care providers to lower the cost of care and achieve better outcomes for their clients. For more information, visit: