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Seize the power of automation

Refine operations, improve efficiencies and scale your home-based care agency  

Leading the war on repetitive tasks

Automating routine and manual tasks is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive home-based care market. Agencies are looking for ways to manage caregiver shortages, reduce costs, and provide better service to their clients. Utilizing homecare software automation solutions is a path that many agencies are choosing to reach those goals. And that’s something we know a thing or two about at AlayaCare.  

It's estimated that home-based care agencies spend as much as one-third of their gross profit coordinating and supervising the care being delivered. With the home care/home health industry expected to grow an estimated 8% year over year, agencies can’t afford to continue with inefficient processes and workflows if they want to keep up with the demand and grow their business.  

intellectual disability software

Route Optimization

Match and assign caregivers based on proximity, eligibility and certifications

Reduce administrative time for schedulers and improve operational efficiency

Save travel time for caregivers and save mileage costs for your agency

Care coordination and delivery

Intuitive workflows that can be optimized to reduce costs

Automate and configure forms and intake process

Ensure continuity of care through data-driven scheduling and coordination

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disability care management software

Optimization of payroll and HR functions

Automate alerts for expiring skills and certifications 

Accurately report and calculate payroll by capturing key data points

Track and monitor multiple services and funders

Integrations – Connector and APIs

Automate schedule changes such as visit cancellation via SMS notifications

Eliminate bottlenecks and reduces operational costs

Streamline the flow of data and reduce manual data entry

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4 ways high-impact automation will future proof your home care agency

You could spend a lot of time sifting through Google on how to improve your home-based care operations or you could read our comprehensive eGuide on how to seize the full potential of automation to refine operations, which will in turn help you scale and grow your business.