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The 10 Percent Club: What to Expect When Working at a Start-Up


Of all start-up companies, ultimately 90% fail for a plethora of reasons no matter how great the initial idea for the business is. The definition of failure can vary depending on what the ultimate goal was/is. However, the ultra exclusive 10% club is comprised of companies that have some key ingredients that are consistent amongst all successful businesses.

Having the right combination of people behind the idea is perhaps the most important factor for success when it all boils down. Working for a start-up organization of any kind, especially software focused, requires a team-first approach, along with cohesion amongst the group to achieve the greater goal.

Seeing this process through requires some unique steps and most importantly the right kind of people. When seeking employees who want to work at a start-up, they have to have a willingness to roll up their sleeves and work long hours, often without some of the typical comforts associated with larger more established companies; boardroom meetings around a Ping-Pong table are not uncommon.

The expression, “Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out” can be applied to a start-up, though you can swap out the word “small” for “big”.

However, what makes it fun is the tight knit relationship you’ll gain from working long hours shoulder to shoulder with driven people that you’ll appreciate because of the idea that you’re in it together.

Most people that you’re working with will likely be very talented since they’ll be able to problem solve and wear multiple hats while doing it. Another key attribute is confidence in their abilities. Most folks don’t sign up for a start-up job unless they believe in their own abilities as well as the abilities of the team they are joining.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of working for a start-up is the extremely rewarding sense of pride in seeing your individual efforts directly impact the overall success and fate of the company.

Whether your job involves sales and adding a new client that significantly impacts the bottom line, or marketing and adding awareness for your company and products leading to future business, or technical development and seeing your coding improve the product, or being part of the client implementation team and ensuring the product’s use is successful, there is significant satisfaction that can be gained from seeing the direct impact of your efforts.

When seeking new employees to join the AlayaCare team, there is a general matrix of attributes that are sought after.

They include being excellent at what you do, a willingness to work hard and get stuff done, and perhaps most importantly, a desire to have fun while doing it. Having people on your team that meet those main criteria will directly impact your company’s ability to join the 10% club.