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Offline Mode: AlayaCare’s Care Worker Mobile App Supports Rural Areas and Limited Connectivity


While no two home care agencies are alike, those that serve rural areas face several unique challenges compared to those that solely serve urban centres. 

In fact, though urban populations continue to rise, about 19% of people who live in the United States and 17% of those in Canada have rural abodes. For older adults here, ensuring access to the services they need is an important concern.

A common refrain is the issue of limited internet access in remote areas: care providers might not have access to a connection to properly document care. Without the right technology in place, it’s easy to lose time, create administrative backlogs, and lapse in response to clients’ needs.

This is why AlayaCare has tailored our home care software to meet the unique needs of many rural clients by introducing Offline Mode.

Introducing Offline Mode

Offline Mode allows care workers to use the mobile app when they do not have access to internet. It can be enabled and configured at the system level for field workers to use on both Android and iOS devices.

With this feature, your staff can:

  • Download the data they need to complete visits without an internet connection.
  • Complete their visit as usual offline – fill out forms, check off daily activities, and complete progress notes. 
  • Never lose documentation again by automatically uploading all offline actions – Clock In/Clock Out data, daily activities, reports etc. – as soon as their device is reconnected to the internet. 
  • Ensure Electronic Visit Verification data is captured regardless of connectivity
  • Improve accuracy by completing ADLs and clinical notes at the point of care
  • Reduce overtime and errors by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Increase the speed of submission for clinical notes
  • Ensure HIPAA compliance with AlayaCare’s app knowing that agency data is stored in an encrypted database on the device

Agency challenges and how AlayaCare Offline Mode solves them: 

Challenge #1

Care workers in spotty cellular areas with limited signal or internet access have limited productivity due to the fact that their phones aren’t cooperating as they try to document their ADLs, reports, client signatures, etc.


Now, with AlayaCare’s offline mode, care workers can focus on providing care and completing their visit as usual without having to worry about connectivity. They can complete all their point of care documentation without having to wait until they are back online.

AlayaCare Home Care Mobile App - Offline Mode      AlayaCare Home Care Mobile App Offline Mode

Challenge #2

Imagine your care provider is in the middle of completing a visit and network connectivity is lost. Care providers documenting care on solutions that don’t support offline mode could lose all of their work and documentation data. This results in duplicate data-entry and likely an unhappy employee.


With AlayaCare, care workers can disconnect and reconnect while they’re using the mobile app without a hiccup. The app will continue to function in any region, with or without internet connectivity, and will display an informative message to the user when they have entered offline mode. Then, when the application detects that the network connectivity has been restored, functionality is re-enabled and will resume uploading data in real-time.

AlayaCare Mobile App Offline Mode    Home Care App Offline Mode

Challenge #3 

Many organizations still don’t have an adequate software solution that enables candidates to easily check-in to client visits or submit real-time data to remain compliant with state EVV mandates, never mind a solution that supports them in remote areas.


AlayaCare’s home care software is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution with an incorporated mobile, GPS-based EVV that works seamlessly across all modules and captures clock-in, clock-out data regardless of connectivity. You can rest assured your care providers are compliant with their visit data stored in a secure, encrypted database until they are back on the internet.

Check out the AlayaCare Offline Mode feature

Whether your agency is currently operating on paper documentation or your working on a dated legacy solution, AlayaCare could be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Learn more about how AlayaCare’s Offline Mode can drive your organization forward by clicking this link.