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#AlayaCulture: Meet Nina from Engineering!


What do you like the most about AlayaCare?

Dynamism. The embrace of change and continuous improvement with the focus on getting things done. The processes and people in different roles are there to help move things forward in a sustainable way. This results in the adaptation of newer technologies and the fast speed of development. There are constant opportunities to learn as the technologies here are diverse, modern and quickly evolving to match the complexity and scalability needs of the industry. 

How did you learn about AlayaCare? 

AlayaCare found me! I was contacted by Olivier, the Director of People and Culture. A decision to switch companies was difficult as I loved my previous job, but I saw an exceptional opportunity during my visit; the technologies, the company growth, the emphasis on team empowerment, the competence of the interviewers, the new and interesting role for me, the noble company mission… After thinking about it for a few days, I decided that the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Tell me about your role at AlayaCare 

I’m an Engineering Manager working in the Montreal office and I manage two very different teams. One is the mobile team; this team was already formed and had well-established processes prior to my arrival. We are continuously making tweaks as part of continuous improvement. The second team is new and will focus on external integrations. These teams are vastly different, which allows me to learn twice as much!

What is your spirit animal, and why?

My spirit animal is definitely a Giraffe. Strong yet peaceful, tall yet humble. The giraffe is my role model!




What is your favourite part about working at AlayaCare? 

The company is young and quickly evolving. Processes are being defined, but we have some freedom on team level to decide on ways of working that are best suited to our particular situations.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the AlayaCare team?

Finding a workplace that brings joy and satisfaction is very important for overall happiness. My tip would be to learn about the company as much as possible to make an informed decision.

What is your favourite part about the AlayaCare offices? 

I’ve never seen an office with more diverse and engaging lunch and after-hour activities as there are in the AlayaCare Montréal office. Some activities are work-related; Guilds, Lunch & Learns, Mentoring. Others are more about sports and socializing; Yoga, Ping-pong, Magic cards, Chess, Social board games and many more. And while I’ve never been to Toronto office, I frequently communicate with CS team from Toronto and I’m always impressed by how courteous, caring and responsive all team members are. 


What is your favourite snack in the AlayaCare kitchen? 

Fresh fruit!

What emoji best describes you? 

Smiley EmojiSmiley. I am always smiling – sometimes because of happiness, sometimes because of the irony of situations.

Working at AlayaCare is… 

Intense and rewarding.

What is your favourite memory from working at AlayaCare so far?

I like recalling all the occasions where, as part of AlayaCare team, I experienced:
1. A team work that resulted in achieving a goal
2. An expression of intelligence and kindness from people around me
3. Learning about various technologies
4. Learning more about management and applying that knowledge.

Want to learn, grow and experience great vibes every day with Nina? Check out our job board!