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#AlayaCulture: Meet Kim from Client Success!


Kim is such a wonderful person and an amazing colleague! We’re really excited to share a bit about her and her role at AlayaCare as a Client Success Manager.

How did you learn about AlayaCare? 

I learned about AlayaCare through a referral in my network! I worked with an amazing VP of Operations in a previous role and she also worked with Gosia, AlayaCare’s current VP, Client Success during previous employment. Gosia posted on LinkedIn that AlayaCare was looking for a Client Success Manager with an accounting background and our common connection messaged me about the opportunity! I was on vacation, did some research on Glassdoor and the website and decided to have a coffee with Gosia to learn more (and I’m so glad I did!).

Tell me about your role at AlayaCare 

I am on the Client Success team for Canadian operations. I love my role because I get to work very closely with my internal CS team, product, developers, and of course clients. As a Client Success Manger I manage the implementation of our home care software for clients of all sizes, from large enterprise to AlayaCare Home Care Software Careerssmall/medium businesses. In client success, we work very closely with our clients to understand their operational workflows, help them bring the workflow into life in AlayaCare, configure the software to suit their needs and train and guide them as they start to use the software. I’m transitioning to a Client Relationship Manager role where I’ll be working with clients who are past the implementation phase and using the software in their normal operations. In my new role I’ll be working with clients on their organization goals and helping them achieve it through AlayaCare.

What is your spirit animal, and why?

Image result for owl dolphin hybridA hybrid animal of a dolphin and an owl, better known as a “Dowlphin”. I’m pretty enthusiastic and excited in general but also happy being on my own and independent.

What is your favourite part about working at AlayaCare? 

I’m never bored. Whether it’s natural growth of the company, our clients and even just finding new mini projects internally in the dept. There’s a lot to learn and do and people to meet.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the AlayaCare team?

Reach out to someone at AlayaCare to ask more about the role and the company! Everyone is really friendly and loves to talk to passionate people.

What is your favourite part about the AlayaCare Toronto office? 

The people, the dogs and the location!AlayaCare Toronto Home Care Software

What is your favourite snack in the AlayaCare kitchen? 

Gummy candy!

What emoji best describes you?

The smiling poo emoji – I smile even when times are tough. 

Working at AlayaCare is… 

Like driving a really fast, hot sports car. You’re along for a crazy fast ride, you make sure your seat belt is fasten and you’re amazed how much you complete in a short amount of time.

What is your favourite memory from working at AlayaCare so far?

AlayaCare ClientsMy first client onsite training and launch go-live was pretty exciting. You feed off of your client’s energy and you’re just as excited as they are when they launch AlayaCare.

I love learning new things about AlayaCarians and I think everyone can agree that every opportunity we get to spend a bit of one on one time to get to know each other is really special.

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