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#AlayaCulture: Meet Katey from Client Success!


How did you learn about AlayaCare? 

AlayaCare spoke at the Queen’s Healthcare and Business Conference, which I helped to organize during my time as a student there. I was inspired by the presentation and decided to apply for their internship program.

Tell me about your role at AlayaCare 

I’m an intern for the Client Success team in the Toronto office. My role as intern involves many different tasks, which is great because I’m always busy. My typical tasks include liaising with the client experience team to assist with anything they may need help with. AlayaCare’s internship program includes a ‘special project’ where interns select a project that they want to devote their free time towards. When I am not helping out my team, I can be found developing my client health indication score.

What is your background (education, past work experience, etc)?

Katey Higgins AlayaCareI am going into my fourth year of my undergraduate degree this fall where I will finish my degree in Life Sciences. In the past, I have worked in many customer focussed jobs which allowed me to smoothly transition into my position here.

What is your favourite part about working at AlayaCare? 

The culture is definitely up there – everyone here works hard but is also always down to play hard. We often have team events which makes it easy to fit in and bond with the team. Also the kitchen is always stocked with food.

AlayaCare Toronto

What is your favourite aspect of your role?

As someone who has had minimal contact with the tech industry it has been really nice and SUPER interesting to be exposed to it.

Do you have any tips for someone looking to join the AlayaCare team?

Apply! It’s a big, happy family and you’ll be so glad you did.

What skills would make someone successful at AlayaCare?

Hard working, helpful, versatile and friendly.

What is your favourite snack in the AlayaCare kitchen? 

Gummy worms or popcorn.

Complete the following sentence: Working at AlayaCare is…

The steepest and most interesting learning curve you will ever encounter!

What is your favourite memory from working at AlayaCare so far?

So tough! Last week my team and I had a team event after work a day. We played virtual reality games together and then went for dinner. After dinner we went to a karaoke bar! It was really nice getting to spend time with them a little more outside of work.

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