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4 benefits of optimizing scheduled visits according to Choice Health Care

Streamline manual processes of searching and matching the best employee for a vacant visit

Home-based care is essential in the healthcare industry, providing superior care and support to patients at home. For providers like Choice Health Care, managing caregiver scheduling can be challenging; however, they have found a solution to dramatically improve the process of scheduling visits – AlayaCare’s Visit Optimizer

Here are 4 major benefits gained by Choice Health Care by optimizing scheduled visits using Visit Optimizer. 

1. From hours to minutes – Time savings for scheduling visits 

Ask any scheduler how much time they spend each day scheduling caregivers for client visits, and the answer will often be “All day.” With Visit Optimizer, the system can automatically determine the most suitable employee for visits. This process has significantly reduced the time and effort required for scheduling visits. It allows employees to focus their attention and energy on delivering exceptional care. 

“Before implementing Visit Optimizer, our team used to spend nearly all day, everyday scheduling vacant visits. However, with the introduction of Visit Optimizer, the system now automatically determines the most suitable employee as soon as the schedulers are available. This streamlined process has significantly reduced the time and effort required for scheduling visits.”

Kelly Provost – Director of Care, Choice Health Care 

2. Eliminating guesswork – Reduced errors & speed of scheduling 

Even with Excel spreadsheets, scheduling vacant visits is rife with errors. Schedulers may not be aware of which caregivers are available, and time-consuming manual work can take up the majority of a workday. Visit Optimizer eliminates this guesswork entirely. Using Visit Optimizer, schedulers at Choice Health Care have been able to eliminate guesswork from their scheduling process. The system quickly analyzes the availability and proximity of their caregivers and identifies the best match for each visit, with just one click! This process saves them at least 20 minutes for every scheduling task. These savings, coupled with the reduction of errors, have made scheduling much more straightforward and efficient. 

“Since we started using Visit Optimizer, we’ve eliminated the guesswork from scheduling vacant visits. It quickly analyzes the availability and proximity of our caregivers and identifies the perfect match for each visit. All it takes is a single click, and we’re done! It’s a game-changer that has saved us so much time. We estimate that it shaves off at least 20 minutes for every scheduling task.”  

Kelly Provost – Director of Care, Choice Health Care

3. Improved time management – Space between appointments  

Visit Optimizer’s time buffer capability is a feature that impresses Choice Health Care’s management team. It has eliminated guesswork and manual effort from their scheduling process to make their caregivers’ shifts more accommodating. This enables them to optimize their scheduling to provide the flexibility their caregivers need to deliver exceptional care in-between visits. This allows them to continue to provide higher-quality care while increasing the productivity of their workforce. 

Visit Optimizer allows users to define the time allocated between a client’s appointment and the next visit. This prevents schedulers from rushing caregivers to their next appointment or booking back-to-back visits without breaks. It also enables caregivers to take lunch breaks, rest between visits, or travel to the next assignment without pressure. Therefore, boosting their morale and reducing turnover rates. 

“I am extremely impressed with the time buffer capability of Visit Optimizer. This outstanding feature has completely eliminated guesswork and manual effort from our scheduling process to provide our caregivers with more accommodating shifts. I truly love this feature as it empowers us to optimize our scheduling and ensure that our caregivers have the flexibility, they need to deliver exceptional care.”

Kelly Provost – Director of Care, Choice Health Care 

4. Save money and work smarter – Improved productivity to provide better care 

Before implementing the Visit Optimizer system, the management of vacant visits at Choice Health Care was a laborious and time-consuming daily process. The challenge of manually coordinating schedules and filling in gaps posed a significant hurdle, leaving little room for strategic decision-making. However, the advent of the Visit Optimizer has completely transformed this scenario. 

Choice Health Care’s management couldn’t be more thrilled with the advantages that the Visit Optimizer brings to the table. Not only has it streamlined the scheduling process, but it has also enabled them to deliver top-tier care to their clients. The system’s efficiency has boosted productivity significantly. This freed up valuable time that can now be dedicated to enhancing patient care instead of administrative tasks. The cost-saving aspect cannot be overstated – the Visit Optimizer feature from AlayaCare cloud-based software has proven to be a financially sound investment, paying dividends in reduced overhead and operational costs. But most importantly, it has empowered their employees by giving them the tools they need to provide exceptional care for their clients.  

“Prior to the Visit Optimizer, we were literally managing vacant visits day by day and spending lots of time doing so. Today, it is so much easier with the Visit Optimizer. it’s like having an extra scheduler in the office.”

Kelly Provost – Director of Care, Choice Health Care 

Optimizing scheduled visits with Visit Optimizer was a game-changer for Choice Health Care.

  • It saves time and reduces errors while providing flexibility for caregivers’ shifts.
  • The software platform’s time-saving features allow schedulers to focus on providing quality care, mitigating the risk of burnout, and enhancing employee satisfaction.
  • Configurable parameters allow home-based care managers and executives to tailor their scheduling to suit different needs, while error reduction and speed of scheduling features help prevent delays and revenue loss.
  • It allowed them to provide the best care while increasing productivity, making the scheduling process much more efficient and effective.
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At Choice Health Care, implementing Visit Optimizer was a strategic move that streamlined their workforce and improved their ability to deliver exceptional care. 

Learn more about AlayaCare’s Visit Optimizer in our live platform tour below.

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