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FAQ: AlayaCare Announces Acquisition of Arrow Solutions


Q: What’s the announcement?

A: AlayaCare, an award-winning technology platform for home and community care providers, announced the acquisition of Arrow Solutions, a New York-based software company that has served the personal care services community since 2003. The acquisition of Arrow Solutions’ product and market expertise presents tremendous opportunity for AlayaCare to scale expansion in the US market.

Q: What is happening with my Arrow Solutions software?

A: The AlayaCare team, along with the same great Arrow Solutions team you signed on with will continue to support the Arrow Solutions software.

Q: What is happening with my Arrow Solutions implementation?

A: Your implementation of Arrow Solutions will continue as planned with the same team, same product and same service.

Q: What is happening to my recently deployed/upgraded Arrow Solutions install?

The Arrow Solutions product will continue to be developed and supported.

Q: What does the future of Arrow Solutions and the software look like?

A: We will continue to maintain, enhance, and support Arrow Solutions’ product suite. AlayaCare and Arrow Solutions will be working together to create a robust solution by integrating highly-valued Arrow Solutions features into the AlayaCare product. We will be introducing the AlayaCare mobile app, as well as AlayaLabs machine learning and analytics offerings to the Arrow Solutions market. AlayaCare will continue to offer the world’s most trusted and robust home and community care technology solution and will encourage Arrow Solutions customers to continue to trust AlayaCare as a partner moving forward.  

Q: What resources does AlayaCare have that we can benefit from?

A: AlayaCare is an award-winning platform that offers a complete technology solution to manage the entire client lifecycle including referrals and intake, scheduling, coordination, client health records, clinical documentation, care worker management, billing and payroll, reporting, remote patient monitoring, and a mobile caregiver app in one integrated, highly robust and secure, cloud-based system.


The AlayaCare team is mission-driven, recognized for their passion for the future of home care and providing best-in-class technology for home, community and residential care organizations to propel towards innovation. AlayaCare’s R&D department, AlayaLabs, focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI), optimization and machine learning technologies help home and community care organizations deliver better client outcomes and improved employee experiences.


Q: What is happening to my Arrow Solutions roadmap items?

A: Both Arrow Solutions and AlayaCare’s current roadmaps and client commitments will be considered as our teams work together to develop a comprehensive and seamless product integration plan.

Q: What is happening to my Arrow Solutions project team/contact/etc.?

A: Your key contacts and staff will remain the same. The AlayaCare team is looking forward to welcoming the Arrow Solutions team to our family as they continue to support your organization.

Q: Will this influence my existing subscription or professional services costs?

A: There will be no immediate impact on the Arrow Solutions or AlayaCare subscription or professional services costs.

Q: Will our Service Level Agreement (SLA) change?

 changes will be made to your 
 you’ll receive the same great support you’re used 
to as specified by both AlayaCare 
Arrow Solutions

Q: What’s happening to the AlayaCare software?

Bringing Arrow Solutions’ team and solution onboard will enable AlayaCare to further bolster its capabilities in the US Medicaid market. Customers will be able to unlock even greater value from their data to drive smarter business decisions and more intelligent client experiences.

Q: Will I receive the same support from AlayaCare?

It will be business as usual for AlayaCare customers. There will be no changes to the support you receive
 and your key 
contacts will remain the same. 

Q: What does this mean for Procura customers?

A: The AlayaCare team is committed to providing Procura customers with the same level of support. The combination of Arrow Solutions’ team talent, market expertise and product features will only amplify the value we can deliver to the US Medicaid market.

Q: What does this mean for CIMS customers?

A: The AlayaCare team is committed to providing CIMS customers with the same level of support. We have dedicated resources in the Canadian and Australian markets who will continue to provide you with the same level of support.

Q: Who can I speak to if I have questions about the acquisition?

Contact Information

Media Enquiries  
Charlene Magnaye,

Client Enquiries 

Michael Appel
Director, Assistive Care Strategy, AlayaCare – Formerly CEO, Arrow Solutions

Brady Murphy
VP, Sales & Marketing
855-858-5214 ext. 201