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AppointMate FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the transition from ApppointMate to AlayaCare. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Harold Tuggy if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one demonstration of the AlayaCare platform.


Why should I move to AlayaCare?

We believe that existing AppointMate customers will be able to unlock even greater value from their data to drive smarter business decisions and more intelligent client experiences.

AlayaCare is a modern, cloud-based platform that has all the functionality of AppointMate plus more. AlayaCare also offers several premium features including but not limited to:

  • Care Planning and Mobile Experience
  • Payment Processing 
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how AlayaCare can create capacity and provide better business insights for home care organizations.

What does the AppointMate to AlayaCare implementation look like?

The AlayaCare Implementation timeline is a four-to-six-week process from kick-off to project closeout. Below are some of the key activities included in the process:

  • Kick-off: Overview of project goals, timelines, and next steps.
  • Discovery: Consultative review, from our Team to dig into your operations. This will help us to configure your database.
  • Training: Detailed training with an AlayaCare Implementation Specialist.  You will be completely trained on the best practices of AlayaCare.
  • Go-live: Day of switching operation from AppointMate to AlayaCare.
  • Stabilization to project closeout:Direct support (e.g. first actual payroll run support) from your implementation team before closing out the project and transitioning to your Account Manager and Help Desk.

Will my data be migrated from AppointMate to AlayaCare?

Your Client and Employee demographic data will be seamlessly migrated over to AlayaCare with the assistance of our Implementation Team.  Switching to AlayaCare would be a great opportunity to conduct a data cleanse and our team will support and guide you throughout the process. Our recommendation is to migrate the data that will help you in your operations moving forward (i.e. Client/Employee demographic data). Any additional data will still be available for migration, if required, after you go live on AlayaCare.

Does AlayaCare offer the same features and functionality as AppointMate?

Yes!  AlayaCare has been working hard to develop the features you prefer and value in the AppointMate product into the AlayaCare Cloud system. AlayaCare offers a complete solution to manage the entire client lifecycle from referrals and intake to payroll and revenue cycle management.

Moreover, AlayaCare provides features to support a care model which enables real-time data and updates for all members of the care team. Our mobile application and family portal allow care workers, families, and agencies to communicate easily in real-time.

How quickly can we move to AlayaCare?

Our team has developed a customized plan to assist AppointMate customers with this migration and will be offering discounted professional services fees. This incentive program will begin this year, June 2022, at 50 percent off our one-time setup fee. Speak to your Account Manager to sign up now and lock in this discount.

Who should I contact to learn more about converting from AppointMate to AlayaCare?

You can either request a demo of the AlayaCare platform, or you can reach out to the following contacts:


Harold Tuggy
Account Executive