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interRAI Assessments

Access a fully integrated suite of interRAI Assessment instruments within the AlayaCare platform.

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Deliver the right patient care by accessing quality data that supports continuous improvement initiatives.

interRAI enables flexible clinical assessments and workflow automation. The tool is fully compliant with patient health information privacy requirements.

Leverage standardized client information for care workers and agencies to better track patient outcomes.

Improve consistency and quality of care.

For care providers, interRAI provides a common language across care environments enabling measurement and tracking of a patients’ clinical status.

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Increase interoperability across the care continuum.

For agencies, the data from interRAI is portable across institutional or home environments and can be used to identify trends in outcome measures and adjust care plans based on changes to Client Assessment Protocols.

Optimize resource allocation across Canada.

For federal and provincial policymakers and planners, access to centralized data across Canada allows for optimal resource allocation and benchmarking. AlayaCare supports our clients to centralize their interRAI data through integration with the CIHI IRRS database and through Ontario Health's IAR system.

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Start making better care plan decisions with AlayaCare interRAI.

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