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The evolution of workplace training in a post pandemic world 

The evolution of workplace training in a post pandemic world

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the business world underwent a sizable shift in the way we work and learn. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of online learning and remote work, forcing both employees and companies to adapt swiftly. Zoom calls and online learning modules became the norm. 

The transition from traditional in-person training methods to remote alternatives was sudden, but some changes have proven to be so beneficial that this shift will only continue and evolve. AlayaCare, a leading technology partner for disability and aged care providers, has embraced this change and introduced AlayaCare University—an interactive, online learning platform designed to help providers get the most out of their onboarding and training experience, and provide employees with the knowledge and skills they need most to excel. 

Here are just some of the compelling reasons why organisations are tapping into the full potential of online learning, and investing in tailored education ecosystems for their people:

Cost-Effective Training

Traditional training programs often come with significant expenses, from venue hire to instructor fees and catering costs. In contrast, an online platform like AlayaCare University allows you to deliver high-quality training virtually, minimising overhead and scaling to accommodate a large number of attendees without added expenses. Furthermore, reducing training costs is crucial in the aged care sector, where staff turnover rates can be significant. In fact, research shows that across all employment sectors in 2021, the turnover was 7.5%. However, in residential care, the total number was 29% according to the 2020 Workforce Census – and this number rises to 35% for registered nurses. In home care, the total turnover rate of all staff was an alarming 34%.  

Tailored Learning

A common shortcoming of many learning management systems (LMS) is that they are built on a one-size-fits-all framework, which we know just isn’t effective for most businesses. In contrast, AlayaCare’s unique approach to flexible and interactive online learning is highly customisable. You can select specific learning modules that are relevant to your organisation and your employees’ roles. AlayaCare also updates the modules in line with releases of new functionality, meaning that changes seamlessly flow into training, enhancing best practice and removing the need for businesses to include these updates independently.  This tailored approach ensures that training is engaging, efficient, and directly applicable to your workforce and targeted to their roles. It is particularly important in the context of the aged care industry, where consistent care delivery is paramount. 

Employee Engagement And Retention

Investing in employee development reflects a strong commitment to their growth as both employees and individuals. When staff feel valued and appreciated through an investment in their ongoing education, they are more likely to stay with the company. This not only reduces recruitment costs but also boosts morale, job satisfaction, and overall performance across a workplace. 

A Strategic Investment

Research suggests that companies investing in online learning achieve 218% higher revenue and 24% higher profit margins. This highlights the importance of companies prioritising employee education – and that it should always be viewed as an investment rather than an expense. Skilled and qualified employees can contribute significantly to a company’s success when they are given the opportunity and encouragement to grow professionally. 

Learning From The Best

When businesses invest in a robust education and training platform, they provide an opportunity for their staff to learn from the best – and not from a generic, generalised module. AlayaCare University, for example, gives you and your team direct access to the experts who built the technology they will be using in their roles. This not only makes training more efficient, but it drives the adoption and retention of information, which increases the productivity of teams. 

Embed Best Practice

Across different businesses, there are hundreds of ways people might choose to get the job done with any software solution. But as any aged or disability care provider knows, there are specific methods to perform tasks with the highest efficiency and excellence so they can deliver the best possible care to clients. With AlayaCare’s learning platform, these methods of best practice can be standardised and embedded as a cornerstone for learning, so that teams can understand the proven, optimal way to operate from the get-go. This is particularly important in the aged care industry, where consistent, high-quality care is crucial. 

“You might think that you know the system inside out, but there’s always new tools and tips that you could utilise in your own environment. So, I think AlayaCare University has been very beneficial for me. As I said, I’ve been using the system for about three years now, and I thought I might have known it inside out, but there’s always new tips that you can be utilising in your own system, such as the public holiday tag for scheduling.” – Rosanna Youings, Lutheran Aged Care, Albury

For any business, prioritising education is an ongoing journey – not just an onboarding process. Increasingly, employers are recognising that upskilling their existing workforce is crucial to organisational success and in retaining their star talent for the long term. AlayaCare’s online learning platform offers the flexibility to balance a full-time job with part-time training, allowing staff to work toward certifications and advancing their skills, while feeling supported and secure in their current role. Ultimately, businesses have seen firsthand the strong link between an upskilled and confident workforce, and employee satisfaction and retention. 

In a world where adaptability and continuous learning are paramount to the success of a business, learning platforms like AlayaCare University provide the tools and resources needed for organisations and employees to thrive together. Embracing online education is not just a response to the challenges brought about by COVID-19; it’s now an investment in the future—a future where knowledge and skills will continue to be the driving forces of success in aged and disability care.  

To find out more about AlayaCare University and how it can revolutionise your training and onboarding processes, and set your business up for long term success, contact our team today.  

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