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Working for AlayaCare: Rachel’s story 

working at alayacare

At AlayaCare, we’re proud to have a unique team of specialised, local experts supporting our customers every day. For Rachel Linton-Mapp, a registered nurse and our Professional Services Manager (Residential), working with AlayaCare has been a rewarding experience professionally. But even more than that, AlayaCare has provided a supportive and caring environment, where a focus on wellness and work life balance makes a “huge difference to our lives”, says Rachel.   

How did your journey with AlayaCare begin, and what initially drew you to work for the organisation? 
I was working for a client in New Zealand and was part of the team that implemented AlayaCare Residential back in 2019. I worked closely with the solution delivery manager at that time and loved the product. We’d gone from paper to an electronic file system. It was a massive change management process, which our team did incredibly well.  

I had looked at a position with AlayaCare, but because I live in New Zealand, it meant that I had to relocate, and we decided that it probably wasn’t the right time for me. A little while later, the organisation I was working for changed.  I’m very much a values-based employee. I’m a registered nurse and had worked for a charitable trust most of my nursing career. When I felt like my values and the values at my previous company weren’t aligned, I contacted AlayaCare. I interviewed for the Professional Services Manager (Residential) role. I began in February 2019 and a month after I started COVID-19 hit. I was in lockdown in Australia for five months on my own, without family support, and couldn’t come home.  

When the borders re-opened, I said to the team, “can I go home?” and they said “yes”. I felt really supported in that, to the point that I now work from New Zealand full time. They recognise that I can work from anywhere and do my job effectively, which has made a huge difference. That’s really cool. But I do love the job. I love the product. I love the challenge of change management with clients.  

How would you describe the culture at AlayaCare? 
I love the culture of this company and that’s what I will tell anyone when they start: it’s a company with a great culture, and they really respect, appreciate and value their staff. I think there’s almost a family atmosphere here, and while AlayaCare is growing bigger, you can definitely feel that still. And the values are enacted from the executive level right through the organisation, and that just impresses me.  
What has AlayaCare offered in terms of your career development and the growth of your skills?  
I went into the Professional Services Manager role as a clinician, and I had a good understanding of AlayaCare Residential as an application. But it was a pretty steep learning curve, and I’m learning new skills all the time when it comes to assessments, care plans and event templates. We’ve just built a data migration tool, which involved removing a lot of manual data entry during a database build. I love that I am still able to retain my clinical skills, working with clients to configure the best solution, to meet their business needs. And I love the diversity of the role – I liaise with the sales, product, and development teams. 
What has AlayaCare’s flexibility work arrangements meant for you work life balance?  
It means I can work from home in New Zealand. After the pandemic, that’s the biggest thing for me and I’m so grateful for that, and it makes me feel appreciated and valued by the leadership team. I work my hours around the clients as much as I can. We are two hours behind in New Zealand, so I start at 10 or 10:30, and I work through till 6 or 6:30 at night, and this works for me. I try and keep those sort of office hours, and that works for me. I can do other things and just swap my day around it, but I have the confidence that if I need some time off, I can rearrange my working day. AlayaCare is fantastic with these sorts of policies, and they make a huge difference to our lives. There’s a great wellness initiative, and they really look after their team.  

Do you want a career that truly gives back? Are you looking for a company that will prioritise your health, wellbeing and career development? Here at AlayaCare, we help our people thrive. We champion them. And we are committed to flexible working. If you’d like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our job openings here: 

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