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That’s a wrap for Better Outcomes 2022

That’s a wrap for Better Outcomes 2022

After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, AlayaCare’s Better Outcomes user conference received a wonderful reception as it returned to the shores of Australia.

Held at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park, Better Outcomes 2022 brought together aged care and disability professionals, provider representatives, and industry thought leaders to celebrate healthcare technology and improved customer outcomes.

It’s been an incredibly difficult time for the healthcare sector, and through the darkest days of COVID-19, our team saw that there was more we could do to support care providers, and to better equip them to overcome challenges that come their way.

That’s why the focus of this year’s conference was about building digital resilience. Because the truth is, there will always be challenges. Unfortunately, there will be another crisis like COVID-19 in our future, and we can’t prevent that. But what we can do is prepare for it, and future-proof our organisations so that we can weather any storm.

Here are some of our top highlights from Better Outcomes 2022.

AlayaCare CEO Adrian Schauer

Declaring war on repetitive tasks

The day opened with an address from AlayaCare CEO Adrian Schauer, who said the business was declaring war on repetitive tasks for the care sector. 

During his presentation, Schauer said that the business of aged and disability care is all about relationships. “Nobody came into the industry to do the same six-click sequence 48 times in a day.”

“… We need to free up all this staff to focus on building relationships with clients and with careworkers, and solving problems, and get everything that isn’t in those two buckets off their plate”, he said.

The goal, Schauer explained, is to let the software build the workflow when there isn’t a connection or relationship involved. While software has come a long way, getting to the point where providers don’t have to click is a workflow-by-workflow process as companies figure out what they need. 

Unveiling the mobile redesign

Andrew McDonald, AlayaCare’s Chief Product & Technology Officer, then showcased new products that have been developed to drive a more intelligent approach to business operations, while providing value for clients and their families. As part of his presentation, McDonald revealed the exciting improvements being created as part of the mobile redesign.

In the revamped visit section of the app, users can expect to see:

  • Improved speed, stability and performance of the application
  • Login sequence time improved by 50% — launched September
  • Simplified design and streamlined navigation for easier onboarding
  • Improved error handling
  • Better accessibility
  • The introduction of a new visit hub

Shaping the way forward for our clients

AlayaCare’s, COO, George Psiharis, explored how AlayaCare continues to partner with our clients in their ongoing journey of modernising their business, streamlining their operations, and becoming more digitally resilient within an ever-changing environment.

Psiharis walked the attendees through two different case studies that highlight the difference AlayaCare has been able to make to the business of our clients.

One of these examples involved a client and AlayaCare consultant identifying a notable spike in missed visits due to schedulers not having enough time to send out offers to vacant visits proactively.

The client engaged the AlayaCare Professional Services team to explore opportunities to extend the AlayaCare Cloud platform through automation.

As part of the solution, the platform took the following actions:

  • Find vacant visits within the next 48–72 hours
  • Identify the best care workers with a set range of criteria (demographic, distance, availability, continuity, skills) and additional criteria to prioritise those that have not yet worked 20 hours in the week
  • Send offers for all visits without any human intervention

For the client, the end result of these changes included:

  • Over 900 offers sent within a couple of weeks
  • Over 150 hours booked
  • 2 hours+/day/office overhead cost savings having to send shift offers at the same ratio

Support and Demo Zones

Our Support and Demo Zones were a hit with attendees, with each area proving a popular attraction during the morning, lunch and afternoon tea breaks of the day.

Our Solution Engineers and Client Success teams were on hand in our Demo Zone to showcase new features in our residential and home care products that can help organisations manage their business more efficiently.

At our Support Zone, attendees got to meet our amazing partners and the AlayaCare team to learn about the many ways they can optimise their digital transformation. Our Customer Experience Team were also on hand, to meet their clients, and discuss their current challenges and opportunities.

Resilience and wellbeing in aged and disability care

In the afternoon, we took a deeper dive into the meaning of resilience for aged and disability care workers with Trudy MacDonald, Managing Director of TalentCode HR.

Trudy, a global award-winning speaker, specialises in enabling businesses to become great by maximising the performance of their people. She shared some valuable tips on how to build personal resilience and lead resilient teams.

As part of the workshop, attendees had learned how to:

  1. Be conscious of signs of stress
  2. Observe their mindset
  3. Practice daily wellbeing habits
  4. Building resilience muscles – for ourself, our teams, and our clients
John Perkins, Chief Executive Officer of Checked In Care

Partner presentations and customer showcase

We were also treated to some insightful presentations led by three of our wonderful partners.

John Perkins, Chief Executive Officer of Checked In Care, delivered an address on their award-winning platform. Checked In Care allows customers, staff and families to access what they need, when they need it 24 x7 across the entire care journey, improving quality of life outcomes and reducing costs.

John Anderson, Team Lead of Services and Support at Airdocs Global then explored the true value of investing in digital partners. Airdocs and AlayaCare are both at the forefront of embracing digital technology to deliver exceptional customer service. And the experience of Michelle Piccolo, Strategy/Transformation Lead at Eremea, demonstrated this clearly for the audience. John and Michelle talked through how Eremea’s investment in their digital partners, Airdocs and AlayaCare, is extending their capacity, driving key outcomes, and providing their team with more time to focus on caring for their clients.

Later in the day, attention turned to our customer showcase with Amber Biesse, Chief Executive Officer of Nurse Next Door Home Care Services, who talked about enabling better reporting and dashboards. Amber shared their experiences with Data Exploration 2.0 and the AlayaCare Dashboards, and how their organisation has leveraged these tools to collate the vast amount of data that exists within AlayaCare to organise and display key business metrics that is personalised and most relevant for them.

And let’s not forget the rides and cocktail party!

At the end of the day, we were delighted to have everyone join us outside where we had exclusive access to some of Luna Park’s most iconic rides. We got to ride the famous ferris wheel, have a spin on the dodgem cars, and take on the Boomerang rollercoaster.

After exhausting our thrills in the park, we then kicked back to celebrate with a cocktail party overlooking the stunning Sydney Harbour. This soiree was the perfect place to unwind, relax and connect with each other after the day’s events.

Bring on Better Outcomes 2023

We were thrilled to be back, better than ever, for Better Outcomes 2022 after a few years absence. It was truly wonderful to be able to connect with our community once again in person, and we hope that everyone walked away feeling inspired, motivated and empowered.

Looking forward, we’re already thinking about next year. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees and sponsors, and we’re determined to build on the success of this year’s event and make our 2023 user conference even more incredible.

If you couldn’t make it this time, we hope to be able to see you next year. Watch this space for more details coming soon!

Would you like to find out more about what our platform can do for you? Are you looking to embed digital resilience across your organisation? Better Outcomes 2022 may be over, but our team is still working hard every day to make a difference for aged and disability care providers. Reach out to AlayaCare and see how we can empower your business – today and into tomorrow. Contact us here.