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Press release

The Power of Partnership: 11 Aged and Disability Care Providers Join AlayaCare in March

AlayaCare Go Lives

March is off to an exciting start at AlayaCare as we celebrate the successful launch of 11 new customers in the residential, home care and disability space. 

UnitingCare Queensland and Just Better Care are among the providers launching this month with AlayaCare. UnitingCare Queensland is a highly reputable health and community services provider across Queensland and the Northern Territory, and Just Better Care is Australia’s largest franchised provider of in-home Aged Care and Disability supports.

We’ve been working with UnitingCare Queensland, Just Better Care and nine other residential, home care and disability providers to implement AlayaCare so they could go-live in March. 

A go-live is the culmination of months of collaboration between AlayaCare and our customers, from the initial sign-on, to the completion of our implementation process.

Having 11 go-lives in one month is a significant milestone. It requires an enormous amount of planning, effort, energy and grit, not only from our team, but also from our customers. 

That’s why it’s so satisfying when it all comes together. 

But our favourite part of a go-live isn’t the moment they’re completed. It’s the time spent working with our customers to make sure we’re getting it right for them. That our solution enables them to achieve better health outcomes, and when they start using AlayaCare software, that it just makes sense. 

When onboarding our customers, we’re able to provide tailored solutions because our technology is designed for customisation. We put providers in control of what it looks like for them.  

But amidst this flexibility, some things will always stay the same: streamlined operations, real-time insights, and a personalised care solution that is powered by our cutting-edge software.  

And we can’t wait for everyone to get started with it. 

To all our new customers: welcome! We’re excited to see where this partnership takes us and to share even more of the technological developments we’re planning in the future. We love creating new things that help our customers deliver even better care. It’s what we’re in this for. 

And to those curious about what sets AlayaCare apart, well, we’d very much like to tell you. You can learn more about our world-class technology for residential, home care and disability providers via our website, or reach out for a chat with our team.  

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the AlayaCare team. We love sharing stories from our customers as we work together to provide the care we want our loved ones to receive in the place they call home.