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Vaccine Tracker Automation

Stay compliant with COVID-19 vaccination mandates with automated tracking of employee vaccination status. 


Addressing employee proof of vaccination doesn't have to be manual and time-consuming

Nationwide mandates will soon require COVID-19 vaccination of staff within all Regional Health Authority or Ministry of Health home health agencies. That’s why AlayaCare created a new premium Compliance Tracker Automation package that includes a Vaccine Tracker Automation feature to give you an efficient way to track employee vaccination status and keep your business compliant.

Let AlayaCare do the heavy lifting

The new vaccine tracking feature is developed, tested, maintained, and supported by the AlayaCare team. We can eliminate the manual effort of capturing and tracking employee vaccination status by automating workflows and saving your employees valuable time and effort.

Vaccine tracker_Mobile App
Vaccine tracker_reporting

Proof of vaccination made simple

The vaccine tracking automation sends SMS reminders to unvaccinated employees until proof of vaccination details have been confirmed. Once submitted, all documentation is automatically added to your employee’s profile, allowing you to quickly pull reports for proof of vaccination and leaving your staff to focus on improving client outcomes.


Your agency administrator will set up an unvaccinated department of current employees without vaccination proof. The automation then sends a weekly SMS notification to your employees with a link to submit vaccination details, upload proof, and affirm that the information they are providing is true. If the employee is unvaccinated and without a medical exemption, they will continue to receive the SMS notification until they comply.

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