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Top Predictions for Home-Based Care in 2023

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With the demand for home-based care continuously increasing, the biggest obstacle providers face is labor shortages. 2023 brings us many opportunities to continue improving and expanding the home-based care sector.

In 2023, we can expect key themes to surface:  

  • A greater adoption of technology to shore-up operations, reduce overhead costs and improve the experience of all staff.  
  • A greater focus on developing talent to ensure caregivers maximize their abilities and offer new training opportunities in a consistent upskill effort. 
  • A greater pursuit of new funding sources as we seize our position as an in demand service.  
Adrian Schauer

Adrian Schauer is the founder and CEO of AlayaCare, a home-based care software provider, delivering the next disruptive solution for the home-based care industry by combining clinical documentation and back-office software.

1. Declare war on repetitive tasks

Seize the power of automation in your software system 

It's estimated that agencies spend as much as one-third of their gross profit coordinating and supervising the care being delivered. The resulting human cost is far too much effort spent on administrative tasks and not enough on what all home care staff should be predominantly engaged in: decision-making and building relationships with clients and caregivers.

Is 2023 the year that home-based care agencies finally break the cycle of repetitive tasks?  

Declare war on repetitive tasks
Simplify operations to become part of care delivery

2. Simplify operations to become part of care delivery

Lose the friction, leverage the freedom 

Achieving true back-office efficiency is within any agency’s control, and capitalizing on what technology can offer is the ticket to stripping away friction and finding greater efficiency and collaboration. 

3. Offer continuous learning and growth opportunities

Upskill to attract and retain top talent  

Talent acquisition and retention remain major challenges in this industry. One reliable and underused key to attracting and retaining talent: integrate continuing education tools and training resources into a platform that caregivers can freely access on their own watch. 

Offer continuous learning and growth opportunities
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4. Break convention and seek new funding sources

Hospital at Home, anyone?  

We all know that a “Hospital at Home” focus is the necessary model of the future. There is an opportunity here for agencies to strategize a new approach that benefits the provider, care-recipient AND payer.  

5. Resist the commoditization of our industry

Own our value, gain a true seat at the table  

To build thriving agencies that work for all stakeholders, propelling our industry forward, and delivering on the promise of better patient outcomes, we must trade in those outcomes – not in hours of care. Take the time to build data use into your business strategy. Understanding how to analyze and interpret your data is essential for maintaining current operations, pursuing business growth, and meeting the evolving demands of clients and payers. In 2023, home-based care agencies will strengthen their position in the industry based on what clients want, measurable outcomes and a lower cost of care. 

Resist the commoditization of our industry

Leverage opportunities to grow your agency in 2023

In our latest Home Health 360 episode, AlayaCare’s CEO and Founder, Adrian Schauer takes a deep dive into 5 predictions for home-based care in 2023. Exploring how organizations can apply these predictions and observations to realize new opportunities for growth in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Against this backdrop for 2023, opportunities will emerge for providers of home and continuing care that could mark success for years to come. It will require outside-the-box thinking, key internal investments, and strategic capitalization on surging public demand and political need.

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