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Home-Based Care Providers See 98% Productivity Increase with Visit Optimizer from AlayaCare


AlayaCare’s smart module uses advanced algorithms to improve efficiency and reduce employee churn for home-based care providers.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 26, 2023 / Home-based care technology platform AlayaCare is announcing results from early adopters of its new Visit Optimizer tool. Schedulers and administrators using Visit Optimizer have seen the following:

  • 98% average decrease in administrative time spent on filling vacant visits
  • 35% average improvement in visit fulfillment
  • 35% improvement in data quality

The tool, which utilizes sophisticated optimization algorithms to match available caregivers with vacant patient or client visits, also uses advanced algorithms to minimize the time and mileage caregivers spend on travel and maximize direct patient care. In the past, home care providers’ administrative staff have been responsible for manually assigning caregivers to available visits, planning routes, and maintaining care continuity for patients. This complex set of manual tasks places a substantial demand on both time and resources, leading to high error rates.

“Since we started using Visit Optimizer, we’ve eliminated the guesswork from scheduling vacant visits,” says Kelly Provost, Director of Care at Choice Healthcare. “It quickly analyzes the availability and proximity of our caregivers and identifies the perfect match for each visit. All it takes is a single click, and we’re done! It’s a game-changer that has saved us so much time. We estimate that it shaves off at least 20 minutes for every scheduling task.” Provost adds, “It’s like having an extra scheduler in the office.”

Using Visit Optimizer, providers can also ensure that caregivers’ workloads are more balanced, leading to higher caregiver satisfaction and retention in an industry facing significant staffing challenges.

“We created Visit Optimizer to solve a major pain point for home-based care providers: staffing efficiency and caregiver retention,” says Naomi Goldapple, Senior Vice President of Data & Intelligence at AlayaCare. “We wanted to create a tool that automates matching caregivers with vacant visit clients, removing manual guesswork and human biases and errors in scheduling. Visit Optimizer ensures the right caregivers are matched with the right patients based on skillsets and patient needs. It also optimizes the physical routing of caregivers to reduce drive time between visits, which they love.”

Visit Optimizer is available to all customers as a premium module on the AlayaCare Cloud platform.


About AlayaCare

AlayaCare is an end-to-end software platform for public, private, non-profit, and community home-based care organizations that manages the entire client lifecycle, including needs assessments, care plans, scheduling, visit and route optimization, and visit verification. Founded in 2014 with over 600 employees, AlayaCare combines traditional in-home and virtual care solutions that enable care providers to lower the cost of care and achieve better outcomes for their clients. For more information, visit:

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