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Enhancing home care revenue cycle management with insights from Alik Kassner

By Wes Corman / May 15, 2024

Whether you are an agency owner looking to enhance your financial operations or an administrator curious about how your team can better manage the fiscal realities of the home care sector, this episode is a masterclass in navigating the shifting landscapes of health care finance. Learn about navigating the complexities of Medicaid disenrollments and electronic…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 64

How hospital-at-home programs boost patient satisfaction and reduce hospital overcrowding

By Wes Corman / April 22, 2024

Home Health Consultant and CEO of Corcoran Consulting Group, Guy Tommasi, joins this episode with our host, Jeff Howell, to discuss hospital-at-home care models’ growing potential. They explore sustainable, patient-centered approaches to transforming recovery, demonstrating that innovative care models surpass conventional hospital treatment by enhancing patient satisfaction and lowering expenses. Tommasi foresees a smoother fusion…

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How good leadership improves employee retention and client outcomes with Peter Svenneby

By Ryan Hormillosa / April 12, 2024

Join Executive Health Care Coach Peter Svenneby and host Erin Vallier as they explore the complex balance between managing and leading in health care. This episode offers valuable insights on creating a culture of well-being for employees and patients. They discuss the traits that make up exceptional leaders in the health care industry and provide…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 62

Decoding Medicaid’s fixed-cost system challenges with Jeff Humber

By Wes Corman / March 21, 2024

Drawing from the tapestry of Medicaid policies across the states, this episode explores effective advocacy and the significance of understanding the intricacies that shape care services. Jeff Humber, VP of Payor Relations at Accent Care, shares his experience providing quality care under Medicaid’s fixed-cost system. With host Erin Vallier, they discuss strategies for maintaining exceptional…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 61

How to maximize ROI and foster growth during technological changes in your organization

By Wes Corman / March 13, 2024

Envision a world where technology solutions address current pain points and preempt future challenges, empowering home care agencies to navigate the digital landscape confidently. In this episode, Ryan Crawford and Alex Skinner, the Value Creation consulting team from AlayaCare, illuminate the path for home care agencies to survive and thrive in this digital revolution. Tune…

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Home Health 360 Podcast - Episode 60

Disrupting healthcare systems for better outcomes with Aman Shah of VNS Health

By Wes Corman / February 15, 2024

Imagine a home health care system that is not only accessible to more individuals but also delivers tangible outcomes – That’s Aman Shah’s (VP of New Ventures & Strategic Partnerships at VNS Health) vision. Through compelling frontline narratives and strategic partnerships, Aman emphasizes the significance of hands-on experience and direct communication in shaping a responsive…

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Predictions for home-based care in 2024 in North America with Adrian Schauer

By Ryan Hormillosa / January 16, 2024

Embark on a visionary journey with us as Adrian Schauer, the CEO of AlayaCare, introduces his 2024 top predictions for the future of home-based care in North America focusing on specific trends emerging in home health, home care, and home infusion in the US and Canada.  Listen as we unpack the promise of AI and…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 58

Successful software implementation for organizational transformation in home-based care

By Wes Corman / January 2, 2024

Embarking on a major software implementation for your home-based care organization can feel like a daunting, harrowing journey destined to be painful. In this episode, Chase Potter, VP of professional services at AlayaCare, debunks these myths and shares how integrating new technologies into your business can be done successfully with a high degree of precision…

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The anatomy of care management: Angela Daniel’s guide to personalized care

By Ryan Hormillosa / December 15, 2023

Join seasoned nurse and care management expert Angela Daniel as she navigates the complex world of home health care. This insightful conversation explores the profound impact of care management on home health, the various types of care managers, and their unique roles in delivering personalized care. Angela discusses the benefits and challenges of incorporating a…

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Using video to create personalized experiences for clients and caregivers with Nick Bonitatibus

By Ryan Hormillosa / December 1, 2023

Discover the transformative potential of video content for your home-based care agencies with Nick Bonitatibus, founder of Digital Champions. This episode dives into his innovative approach to creating an impactful video series for agencies, explores recruitment and retention tactics using video technology, and highlights the power of repurposing content with AI tools. Packed with actionable…

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