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Using video to create personalized experiences for clients and caregivers with Nick Bonitatibus

By Ryan Hormillosa / December 1, 2023

Discover the transformative potential of video content for your home-based care agencies with Nick Bonitatibus, founder of Digital Champions. This episode dives into his innovative approach to creating an impactful video series for agencies, explores recruitment and retention tactics using video technology, and highlights the power of repurposing content with AI tools. Packed with actionable…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 55

Exploring Canada’s home health care system (Manitoba and Saskatchewan)

By Wes Corman / November 15, 2023

How does Canada’s home-based care stack up against the rest of the world? Join us as we put this under the microscope with Aleem Bhanji, AlayaCare’s market leader for Canada, and Adrian Schauer, AlayaCare’s CEO. We sketch out a comprehensive picture of Canada’s home health care system, highlighting the unique issues faced in provinces like…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 54

At the heart of home healthcare: Personalization, holistic care, and technology

By Wes Corman / November 1, 2023

Join us for a captivating discussion with Dr. Andrew (Andy) Agwunobi, President of Humana’s Home Solutions division, as we explore Humana’s holistic approach to care and addressing social determinants of health (SDOH), proactive care benefits, and the need for unified healthcare providers. Dr. Agwunobi also discuss tackling the fragmentation of providers, enhancing delivery systems, technology platforms,…

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A guide to back-office operations in home-based care with Amy Knight

By Wes Corman / October 16, 2023

Are you ready to cut through the complexities of back-office management? Join us for an insightful journey with Amy Knight, president of Knight Home Care Financial, as she demystifies back-office management in home health, hospice, and nursing facilities. With over 20 years of experience, Amy emphasizes the importance of understanding agency costs, metrics, and Medicare…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 52

Mastering the art of home-based care mergers, acquisitions, and integration with Jen Lentz

By Wes Corman / October 10, 2023

Dive into the dynamic world of home-based care mergers and acquisitions with industry expert, Jen Lentz. In this episode, she shares her journey from COO to operating partner at Havencrest Capital Management, offering a fresh perspective on unifying the US home-based care industry. Discover invaluable insights on selling your business – from understanding your value…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 51

Innovations and progress: the evolution of home-based care [Live at Better Outcomes]

By Wes Corman / September 15, 2023

On this episode, we venture down memory lane to understand the humble beginnings and monumental victories of our guests — Alison Green, CEO of Bien Chez Soi, Conner Nelson, Director of Operations for CSI Pharmacy, and Joey Hsu, VP of Operations and Strategy with MedTech Healthcare – recorded live at the Better Outcomes User Conference.…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 50

Unraveling the complexities of self-directed care with Accra founders

By Wes Corman / September 1, 2023

Be prepared for a closer look at the myriad of self-directed care options available for families in Minnesota. Val Patino and Susan Morgan, the brains behind Accra, Minnesota’s largest home care agency, lead an engaging discussion about the state’s waiver program and the potential to carve out a full-time living as a personal care assistant…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 49

Understanding caregiver personas: A look at the top 7

By Wes Corman / August 15, 2023

Discover the key to attracting and keeping caregivers! Join us for an enlightening conversation with Brandi Kurtyka, CEO of Mission Care Collective, and Kristen Wheeler, Executive Director of the NAHC, as they unravel the intricate world of the caregiving. Together, they will delve into the 7 unique caregiver personas identified in their groundbreaking study, and…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 48

The future of home health: Monika Virk’s strategy for nurse empowerment

By Wes Corman / August 1, 2023

What if we could transform the complex landscape of home health care to better support frontline nurses? Dr. Monika Virk, a dedicated physician and an innovator in home health care, helps us explore this possibility. With guest host Erin Vallier, Dr. Virk discusses her approach to structuring the onboarding process and the crucial role of…

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Home Health 360 - Episode 47

Unpacking the impact of positive work culture in healthcare

By Wes Corman / July 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered how company culture in health care can impact patient care? Join us for an insightful chat with Lori Cabbage of Brightstar and Dr. Louise Short, physician and expert on population health, on the role of company culture in health care. They delve into leadership’s influence, employee engagement strategies, and the link…

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