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Bill Multiple Payers

How can you reduce cycle times on billing and get the details right the first time?

Simplify Billing

Reduce billing errors and get paid faster

Submitting claims takes time and can be prone to costly mistakes. AlayaCare's end-to- end solution makes your billing more efficient by cutting time on manual input. With our software, you can auto-check eligibility of a client before care is delivered and easily resolve any issues before processing claims. Our solution helps ensure reimbursements are processed quickly, reducing rejected claims and getting you paid faster.

Streamline Billing

core feature

Streamline billing processes

Our all-in-one integrated billing solution supports invoicing, real-time billing processing, payment reconciliation, and more.

Meet complex billing needs

Create bulk and aggregated billing

Improve claims approval rate

Grow your revenue

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Explore the benefits of multi-payer functionality

AlayaCare simplifies billing processes and improves efficiencies. Reduce billing errors so you get paid faster.

Meet complex needs

Automate billing rules for each of your client’s policies, no matter how

Create bulk and aggregated billing

Create and submit aggregate invoicing and track payments to determine what's been paid and what hasn't

Improve claim approval

Easily pull all the required information and avoid denials due to incomplete,
illegible, or inaccurate elements

Grow your revenue

Have confidence your data is accurate and automate processing of all payer claims so you get paid faster.

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