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Manage Integrated Care Plans

The full continuum of care in one system? Yes.

Manage integrated care plans with one platform

Say goodbye to siloes and hello to AlayaCare

AlayaCare’s integrated care plan management experience brings together multiple service lines and workflows in one system.  Imagine the visibility when you can see your whole business - and your client’s whole care plan and its complexity - in one platform. Configure care plans to meet your clients’ unique needs and have visibility into multidisciplinary notes and processes. It’s time to break down the siloes of traditional service providers and allow your business to evolve and expand how you deliver care.


Clinical Documentation Suite

A fully integrated solution

Empower your team with an all-in-one clinical documentation platform that houses the tools they need to build effective plans, deliver better care, and improve client outcomes.

Configurable forms and documentation

Built-in reporting and analytics

Restful APIs and third-party integrations

Safer & streamlined medication management

Improve efficiency and consistency across your care teams to ensure better patient outcomes

Quicker access to medication information

Efficient connected workflows

Insightful medication reporting

Accessible from any device

Medication management

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Explore the benefits of integrated care

Care delivery is complex - changing care plans, changing care providers. Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all in one place and be able to make changes as your clients’ needs require?


Build care plans the way you need with the level of detail required


Expand multidisciplinary service offerings using one platform and keep everyone on task


Build, monitor, and report on the care you deliver


Give your team what they need to succeed

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