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Comply with Visit Verification Mandates

How can you meet increasing expectations for GPS-based visit verification?

Core Functionality

Meeting increasing government requirements for visit verification

AlayaCare’s end-to-end solution allows you to seamlessly capture electronic visit verification (EVV) data with incorporated mobile GPS-based tracking. Remain compliant with federal and state requirements and other compliance needs. Leverage smartphone GPS data to provide accurate and audit-friendly time and attendance, while also providing a reassuring security tool for your field staff.


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Easily verify visits as mandated by law

Streamline operations and ensure compliance with our telephony and GPS mobile app features making tracking simple for you and your caregivers

Get reliable proof of visit

Increase compliance and efficiency

Categorize and analyze visit data

Generate accurate reports

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Explore the benefits of our visit verification solution

With AlayaCare, streamline operations and ensure you stay compliant with legislation as it changes.

Reliable proof of visit

Accurately track and monitor worker location and length of visit, eliminating timesheets, reducing human error and saving time

Seamless integration with clearinghouses

Minimize denial risks and avoid duplicate entries in your clearinghouse with pre-billing claim scrubbing, ensuring a detailed audit trail and boosting cash flow

Increase compliance and efficiency

Set alerts to notify staff of delayed or missed visits, enabling quick intervention for any scheduling issues

Improve productivity

Give your staff the information they need through our mobile app with off-line capabilities to prevent lost data entry

Simplify administrative tasks

Eliminate paper timesheets, reduce manual data re-entry and human error and improve efficiencies through to your bottom line

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