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Customize Care Delivery

What if virtual care and in-person care were seamlessly integrated?

seamless integrated care

Leverage the flexibility to complement in-person care

We offer the only home and community care solution in the market that combines traditional and virtual care to proactively address client needs anytime, anywhere in the format that works best for the situation. Conduct check in’s, monitor vitals and do care plan consults with virtual conferencing.

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More Proactive Care

Stay close to your clients’ progress

Our virtual care solution gives care managers, nurses, and supervisors a real-time dashboard to monitor clients centrally, reducing unnecessary visits and proactively addressing client needs

Advance notification of negative trending vitals and risk scores

Filtering client conditions and risk stratifying to help prioritize care

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Explore the benefits of multiple modes of care

Virtual care improves your quality of delivered care, your ability to engage the client’s circle of care and your bottom line


Be more proactive managing client progress with check in’s


Connect with allied care professionals and engage the client and their family

Cost effective

Complement in-person care giving you flexibility to manage cost of care

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See how Alayacare can help your organization first-hand with a demo that will show you the benefits of our platform and answer all your questions.