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Health Platform

AlayaCare Health Platform

The AlayaCare’s SaaS platform is composed of the following modules to perform the following functions:


Figure 1: AlayaCare Product Suite

Back Office Suite

  1. Scheduling: the ability to schedule care worker visits to patients, publish the schedule to employees, create and apply recurring templates, create care teams per patient, manage skills and certifications, and filter and select replacement employees to fill open shifts.
  2. Billing and invoicing: the ability to create bill codes and apply them to visits, the ability to create invoices per customer and track payments, the ability to export billing information to an accounting system like Quickbooks.
  3. Time & Attendance: the ability to capture punch data or logged times for employees either from a mobile phone or from a web application, the ability to compare this to a schedule and identify variances, the ability to edit and approve punch data, the ability to apply a base pay rate and overtime rate to employees time cards, and the ability to export the gross payroll information to a payroll processing system.

Care Worker Mobile App and Clinical Documentation

  1. Native Mobile Application providing Nurses, Therapists HHAs, PSWs and other mobile field staff with access to relevant information. The application provides staff with various tools that include:
  2. Schedule information
  3. Reports (Forms)
  4. Narrative/Progress notes
  5. Print chart
  6. All relevant patient data
  7. 485 and Care Plan tools
  8. Care Plan and Forms 2.0
  9. Mobile time clock (punch in/out) – EVV
  10. Mobile task management
  11. Care Coordinator Dashboard
  12. Medical Administration
  13. Wound Care
  14. Home injection and Infusion services 

Family Portal (Optional Premium Feature)

  • Family Portal: Online, Mobile and Tablet optimized portal for patient and patient’s wellness stakeholders. The portal provides access to critical information such as schedules, reports, journal notes.

Remote Patient Monitoring (Optional Premium Feature)

  • Patient-facing android tablet application which walks the patient through a predefined monitoring plan, connecting via Bluetooth to medical monitoring devices that capture indications including all vital signs, the ability to answer health related questions and provide feedback to caregivers, and the ability to video conference with a care provider.