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Scheduling & coordination

Flexible, intuitive, and real-time synchronized scheduling in a secure, scalable cloud solution.

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Care worker mobile app

Give your caregivers real-time access to schedules, route details, billing, risk assessments, time tracking, client data, and form reporting.

Clinical documentation

AlayaCare’s configurable Electronic Health Record (EHR) and clinical form wizard lets you deliver best in class user interfaces to document clinical information in a secure HIPAA and PHIPA-compliant environment

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Revenue cycle management

Experience the accuracy and convenience of our solution that's built to handle complex and changing authorizations, multiple billing modes and clearing house integrations.

Data exploration

Make more informed, data-backed decisions with custom reporting and built-in analytics.


Virtual care

An industry first:  our video conferencing is
custom-built for home-based care organizations to connect and maintain a continuous care plan – anywhere, from any device.

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Product release videos

July 2022 product release video - Improvements to form drafts

Kim Beaulac,

Senior Product Manager

February 2022 product release video - Client search capabilities

Sebastien Cadet,

Senior Product Manager

October 2021 product release video - Updates to billing

William Song,

Associate Product Manager

June 2022 product release video - EVV visit form exception updates

Etienne Mayrand,

Senior Product Manager

June 2021 product release video

Vinthujah Bala,

Associate Product Manager

December 2021 product release video

Maxence Regaudie,

Associate Product Manager