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Home Care

5 years on: the state of home care since the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety 

By AlayaCare / May 12, 2024

Five years after the Royal Commission began, what is the state of home care now?

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AlayaCare Connector  uniting ecosystems, accelerating workflows

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / May 9, 2024
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AlayaCare University Online empower your team with expert-led training.

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / May 9, 2024
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On-Demand eLearning for Home Care: A Game Changer for Training and Productivity

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / May 1, 2024

In today’s modern, technology-driven world, every industry is turning towards automation to boost productivity and streamline operations. The same applies to the home care industry. For home care organisations, software onboarding can help them achieve their goals and objectives by increasing the productivity of staff members. The onboarding process is vital, especially for newly hired…

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5 emerging AI trends in home care in 2024 

By Dimity Kirkwood / April 16, 2024

Everyone is talking about the power of ChatGPT, machine learning, and large language models. This is how we can use them in the home care space. 

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5 more ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software solutions

5 (more) ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software solutions 

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / April 10, 2024

Many home care organisations struggle with administrative burdens. Care workers spend a significant portion of their day on tasks like data entry and maintaining client records. These activities can take even more time for rural providers who travel long distances to reach clients.  Our blog, 5 ways of reducing repetitive tasks through home care software…

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Keep loved ones involved in their care! Our secure Family Portal lets families access health records, manage schedules, and stay connected

Family Portal stay connected and engaged in client care.

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / March 20, 2024
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How do you handle repetitive tasks in home-based care? 5 tips to reduce time on admin tasks and focus more on your clients

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / February 18, 2024

57% of home care providers reported that they spend up to 3 hours a day on administrative tasks such as data entry, tracking client records, etc., according to a survey conducted by Home Health Care News. In addition, home-based care providers who work in rural areas often must travel long distances to get to their…

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Key Performance Indicators- The Power of Data in Home Care

How Do I Choose the Right Home Care Software Vendor? 

By Lee-Roy Chitambira / January 18, 2024

Looking for a new home care software vendor can be a complicated task—there’s no doubt about that. If you’ve already started your research, I’m sure you’ve found that the market has gotten pretty crowded with a number of vendors that all seem to be offering the same features. With the home care landscape shifting to…

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Brochure Alayalabs 2023


By Mani Reddy Gade / July 3, 2023
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