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Working for AlayaCare: Nandine’s story


At AlayaCare, we feel pretty lucky to work where we do. And we’re excited to keep on sharing the unique stories of our people and what makes them tick. For Nandine, Customer Relationship Manager, feeling like she is making a positive impact with her work is essential, and she describes her time at the company as a “terrific experience”. Read more about why Nandine believes the “the culture at AlayaCare is like no other”.

What initially drew you to work for AlayaCare?

I have worked in the Aged Care Industry in a variety of different roles since 2006. I was instantly intrigued, engaged and interested in how much is involved in the delivery of care to the elderly community. The industry was evolving and the introduction of technology to manage services had piqued my interest.

I worked during this period for an aged care provider as well as an alternative software vendor which I found completely fascinating to assist a range of organisations with software. After a small hiatus to focus on family I was ready to return and having kept up to date with the world of technology, I was aware of AlayaCare being a fresh, young and innovative organisation, so when an opportunity was presented, I went for it.

During your time at AlayaCare, how have your skills and your professional development evolved?

Working for AlayaCare has been a terrific experience, and each and every day I learn something new. I thoroughly enjoy being able to have a one-on-one connection with my customer portfolio’s directors, executives and key players. The insight into what their unique objectives are is inspiring. It’s a very interesting perspective and each week I have new challenges and conversations to work through. Being the conduit between AlayaCare and our customers in relation to needs and future requirements provides a great platform for development on a communication, negotiation, informative and strategic basis.

Internally we are encouraged to develop our skills and control/direct our own development. Having access to productivity funds annually that I can use for areas of interest and professional development is incredible. Currently I am interested in data management and seeing what I can produce from Looker and Amplitude in terms of user analytics.

How would you describe the culture at AlayaCare? And how important is it for you for a culture to be purpose-driven?

The culture at AlayaCare is like no other! I truly believe and have witnessed that this is a result of top-down management where the positivity, goodwill, and drive for all to succeed has had a cascading effect.

My desire is that my time is used to make an impact in a positive way, which I feel drives all of us. The vibe internally is collaborative with a strong sense of everyone wanting each other to succeed. Whilst we work hard, we also like to have fun and enjoy ourselves, it’s genuinely enjoyable to spend time together outside of work and there is nothing like an AlayaCare BBQ at the Sydney office with the Harbour Bridge view in the background!

What does AlayaCare’s SuperFlex policy mean for you?

It is amazing, and I love that it’s a nonissue to work from home a few days a week rather than something that you had to earn or be rewarded with. SuperFlex allows me to manage my own days when I am in the office and when I am not, which, as a mother of two young boys, I find supportive in helping me manage that parental juggle.

What do you wish more people knew about working for an organisation like AlayaCare?

I guess for people who have never worked in the Aged Care industry before, they may have reservations, particularly younger people. But I find that this is actually an extremely innovative and exciting environment to be in. There are so many new developments and improvements that are continuously created to assist organisations manage complex workflow solutions and see to the best possible delivery of care. As well as feeling supported and valued, AlayaCare is always looking for ways to reward staff, one of the newer initiatives is the introduction of additional leave in the form of annual Wellness Days, which supports my wellbeing – as well as assisting me to obtain my new surfboard!

Do you want a career that truly gives back? Are you looking for a company that will prioritise your health, wellbeing and career development? Here at AlayaCare, we help our people thrive. We champion them. And we are committed to flexible working. If you’d like to join our team, we’d love to hear from you! Check out our job openings here: