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Why switching to AlayaCare was “the best decision” for QAADS


AlayaCare is proud to be supporting the work of Queensland Aging and Disability Services (QAADS), a not-for-profit, registered charitable organisation that provides an extensive range of services to all people living within the communities of South-East Queensland.

The vision of QAADS is to enhance the quality of life and wellbeing of all people within the community and to specifically help older people and people with disabilities by providing assistance with their daily living, so they can remain independent and continue living in their own home.

Within just four months of switching to AlayaCare’s cloud-based platform, Aged Care Director at QAADS, Sarah Finlay, has seen the technology transform the organisation’s care delivery, customer service, data analysis, and productivity.

Key features, big benefits

For QAADS, the features the team has found most helpful are the scheduling feature, the reporting component, as well as the dynamic mobile app.

“The data exploration tool allows us to capture real reports. These reports are data that we actually put into our system. We can create a report based on anything, services, employee information, goals. It has been a fantastic ability to be able to incorporate into our processes and into our system.

Driving better outcomes

The outstanding range of features offered by AlayaCare’s platform has empowered QAADS to be more proficient.

“It allows us to be more customer service focused with our clients, the ability to case manage and review client’s information readily available through the system onto a mobile app at any given moment, it has been the best decision ever that our organisation can make by moving to AlayaCare”

“It has increased our productivity. It has enabled us to be really, really client-focused. This system is the best.”

Outstanding client support

“If you’re an organisation out there thinking about making the move to AlayaCare, look no further. Get in touch with AlayaCare. They are fantastic. They will walk you through the process. They have been very collaborative, very focused. You are the customer.”

Let AlayaCare transform your business

At AlayCare, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing our clients thrive as their organisation delivers stronger, better outcomes for their staff and the people they care for. Our experienced team of nurses and aged care professionals understand the challenges, and opportunities, that the sector faces. By tapping into the unique capability of our cloud-base software, we’re here to help your business meet its goals – now and into the future.

To learn more about why our clients love AlayaCare and to book your free demo, contact us today.

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