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Why Australia Aged Care Providers Must Take Medication Management Seriously


Safeguarding medication management is one of the most critical industry issues facing Australian aged care providers today. In fact, the issue of medication management was at the centre of the Aged Care Complaints Commissioner’s 2018–19 Annual Report and is highlighted as a key focus right now by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Take government and public scrutiny, mix in new industry complexities, and we find that aged care providers face a heightened need to deliver a high standard of care while maintaining accountability. This includes managing medications: administering the correct medications, at the right dosage, within the right schedule.

By abandoning paper-based systems and deploying fully integrated e-Health solutions like AlayaCare Residential – can help aged care providers establish a consistent and reliable administration process, with regular audits, to increase quality assurance and patient safety.


Enhancing care through modern software

The medical management element of the AlayaCare Residential software gives providers a holistic view of client information and helps staff provide more personalised and proactive care.

This cloud-based solution simplifies complicated multidisciplinary charting and workflows, and is powered by Medi-Map – a leading software platform that manages all aspects of medication in a facility-based setting.

AlayaCare Residential’s management functionality also brings clarity and up-to-date information to care providers through electronic charting of medication and administration with seamless auditing and reporting capabilities. 

The end result: providers can trust the system in place to optimise administrative tasks related to medication management, so they can focus on delivering better care.

AlayaCare + MediMap Graphic

Medi-Map partnership brings organisations more

By partnering with Medi-Map, AlayaCare is able to pursue and build a complete medication management solution. The resident demographic information that flows between AlayaCare Residential and Medi-Map includes these progress notes that are filed:

  • Any medication change, increase, decrease, stop, start prescribed by the GP goes from Medi-Map to AlayaCare Residential
  • Any allergy change goes from Medi-Map to AlayaCare Residential
  • Any PRN medication given goes from Medi-Map to AlayaCare Residential
  • Any note the GP writes goes from Medi-Map to AlayaCare Residential

Managing client medications requires diligence and a strategic approach. Leveraging a medication management solution is one proven way to ensure clients are prescribed with the right medications at the right time, not to mention streamlined documentation, pharmacy review and administration processes to reduce risk, errors and inefficiency.

MediMap Mockup
“We’re the only people in New Zealand using this system, and the only ones with a medical management system fully integrated into our resident care system.

– Julia Russell, Director, Enliven”

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