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The 6 steps of implementation with AlayaCare

The 6 steps of implementation with AlayaCare

Are you thinking about working with AlayaCare and wondering what is involved in implementation?

Lindzie Mahnig, Director of Client Services, at AlayaCare ANZ, talks through the six stages involved in our implementation and what to expect during every phase.

Number 1


In the engaged phase, you’ll be working with our sales team and a solution engineer who will be curating a demo for you so you can see all the amazing things that AlayaCare can do.

Number 2

Initiate and plan

This is where you’ll meet your project manager and your client services manager. Your project manager will work with you to define your project plan of the various phases of your implementation.

Number 3

Discover and build

The discover and build phase is where all the fun happens! Your client services manager will work with you to understand your requirements and build and configure the AlayaCare system for you.

Number 4

Train and test

This is when you get your hands on the AlayaCare system, and you will be trained on your configurated system. You will also then be testing the system to ensure that the configuration and workflows fit your requirements.

Number 5

Gear up and go live

During this phase, you will be training your end users on the AlayaCare system, doing the last steps in your production system of configuration and getting ready to go live. Once you’re live, you’ll have your users logging into your production system and it will be business as usual.

Number 6

Stabilise and optimise

At this stage, you will have been live with AlayaCare and we will be ensuring that you can run your payroll and billing successfully. Once you’re stabilised, you’ll be handed over to the client experience team for business as usual.

What to expect from our Client Services Team

The support you can expect from the Client Services Team is your Project Manager who will help guide you at every step and to make sure that your project stays on time and on budget and the tasks are being achieved.

You’ll also have the assistance of AlayaCare’s Training Manager who will ensure sure that you and your teams have all the training support that you need, and that you feel confident navigating the platform as you go live.

Additionally, your Client Services Manager will guide you through the AlayaCare implementation process, guiding you on how to use the system and our best practices, and any time that they need to advise on configuration or workflows, they will be the ones that will do that for you.

If you have any questions during your implementation phases, you can reach out to your project manager or your client services manager. We here to support you every step of the way and our team is always on hand to assist your team. And if you’re thinking about transitioning to AlayaCare, book in for your free demonstration by reaching out to our friendly sales team.

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