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MGCCI: The “wonderful” efficiency of AlayaCare’s solution


As an aged care provider, the team at Mount Gravatt Community Centre Inc (MGCCI) had been grappling with two central challenges: improving efficiencies in their business, and being able to find a product that met all of their demands as a growing organisation.

“In terms of aged care, [our growth] is very rapid – it’s rapidly growing and we need to keep pace with that business”, says Deb Crompton, CEO of MGCCI.

AlayaCare Residential has empowered MCGGI to tackle these challenges and thrive as a business.

Starting the journey with AlayaCare

“With AlayaCare, I contacted them and asked them for a list of clients that I could have individual conversation with, so that I could ask the questions that were important about our business.”

“What wasn’t working in their business? Did AlayaCare actually produce that? Was it the product that we really needed too?”

“Amazing” results and transformations

Deb says that since switching to AlayaCare, MCGGI has been able to reduce the number of workers needed in the call centre – all thanks to the efficiencies produced by the revolutionary software.

“Our call centre staff have, in fact, reduced down to two and a half which is an amazing reduction in staff and our costs to our business.”

“Staff can action their calls really quickly. They can find the client information quickly, the work is done, and then onto the next call.”

The AlayaCare point of difference

Deb says that from the beginning, the staff throughout MCGGI have had a “wonderful” experience working with AlayaCare.

“Being able to schedule a client when they’re on the phone, happens in a second, we’re not running two systems. We’ve now got a system where it’s immediate.”

“The other thing I would recommend you do, is to spend time with the AlayaCare staff – who are amazing – and get them to walk you through the product.”

“Don’t do it once. Do it two times, three times, four times. As many times as you need to make sure that this product is what it says it is. And I can assure you, this product is exactly what it is.”

We’re here to help

Are you an aged care provider looking to grow, streamline and optimise your business? Whether your organisation is small or large, new or established, AlayaCare can propel your business into the future.

We have nurses and experienced healthcare professionals on our team – so we understand the challenges and opportunities that lie in the aged care sector.

We’d love to help you unlock the power of technology to drive better outcomes for your business, your staff, and your clients. Contact our friendly team today!

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