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Empowering care with the power of data exploration


As the demands on Australia’s aged care and disability care sectors continue to grow, the role of data exploration in driving meaningful change, efficiency, and improvements to care has never been more important.

But while many organisations have a wealth of data at their fingertips, they often don’t have the necessary tools to translate these insights into effective, data-backed actions – and this is a huge, missed opportunity for their business. Enter, Data Exploration.

We have recently updated our Data Exploration feature that can further help your business unlock the power of data to drive improvements and make better informed decisions.

Flexible and tailor made for you 

Every business is different, so we know you will need to be able to generate reports that best meets your unique requirements. It’s now easier and faster than ever to generate accurate, flexible reports that give you the exact insight you need, when you need it.

AlayaCare Cloud customers can now create reports measuring:

  • Client care level – insights reporting on care delivery standards and care outcomes
  • Business operations – how to increase revenue, maximise resources and streamline operations based on key metrics and industry benchmark standards
  • Population health – client trends, social determinants of health, and non-medical factors that contribute to client health and wellness
  • Employee retention – employee insights and satisfaction levels to keep employees happy and reduce churn
  • Billing reports – actionable financial operational insights to measure goals and improve business processes

Near real-time support when you need it 

We understand the complexities and challenges of managing Home Care Packages and NDIS funding. That’s why our Data Exploration tool offers same-day reporting, 24/7 access, and near real-time data latency. This modern tech stack is built with concurrent version control and data refreshes, so you can work on your reports whenever and wherever – with less stress.

Measure business performance in one place

We’ve streamlined the process of measuring how your business is tracking. AlayaCare’s performance-driven Data Exploration feature is quick, easy to use, and offers the tools a business needs to create configurable reports, visualisations, and calculations. It’s everything you need to become a better, data-driven care organisation.

Keep track of your key metrics  

Drive business growth and success by keeping track of all the key metrics with dashboards that are unique to your team. Whether you’re a scheduler, administrator, or clinical user, dashboards make it easy to organise saved reports, filter through various analytics, and support decision making and achieve better outcomes.

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