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Can a user-centric mobile app be improved? Yes, it can.

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Elevating the User Experience: How we improved our mobile app at AlayaCare 

When you partner with AlayaCare, system updates are good news. And we’ve recently made some improvements to the AlayaCare Cloud mobile app that we’re especially excited to share with our customers.  

Day in, day out, our mission is to deliver the most people-centred software for care providers. Every update made to our app is meant to be intuitive, meaning you should naturally be able to see where each action leads you and the outcome you will achieve. Resulting in less stress, and more convenience. Let’s take a look at the exciting changes that users will now experience in the app. 

Our improvements to the app 

By leveraging best-practice in design we’ve made a suite of enhancements to the mobile app that focus on: 

  1. Efficiency: The new mobile redesign is outcomes-focused which will maximise users’ productivity while minimising effort. We will reduce redundancy while creating a shared language and visual consistency across different pages and channels. 
  1. Accessibility: Our new design reflects the integrity and empathy embodied by the professionals working with our products.  We strive to be inclusive of all users regardless of technical skills, abilities and perspectives, and will continue to review and assess our product’s accessibility now, and in the future.  
  1. A user-friendly and seamless experience: The new redesign showcases intuitive interfaces and paves the way for optimised workflows. It provides users with the information they need, on their terms, and further enables them to do their best work efficiently and with confidence. 
  1. Simplicity and elegance: At the end of the day, we all share a desire to minimise the complexity of tasks and maximise the comprehension and usefulness of the information we present. 
  1. Speed: The changes we’ve made to the architecture of our technology mean a faster login. In fact, testing has confirmed that we have reduced the login time for users by 50%, getting you on your tasks faster than ever. 

We listened to how we could do better – and we’ve acted on it 

We listened to how we could do better

As with any technology platform, we learn more about it as more people use it. When we talk to our customers about their experience with the AlayaCare Cloud mobile app, we identified clear common themes that could improve the number of clicks, the look and feel, as well as the onboarding and training experience.  

At AlayaCare, we hold ourselves to the highest standard in innovation and we’re always striving to do better. Making these kinds of improvements, based on customer insight, is how we show our ongoing commitment to care providers. 

This update to the app’s Visit Hub aligns with our vision of: 

  • Ensuring we keep our promise of producing innovative, end-to-end technology, for our customers, and  
  • Achieving our overarching goal of creating more efficient and intuitive user interfaces with easier and more accessible learning experiences.  
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We are committed to your success 

We are driven to make the app simple, intuitive and efficient at every turn. Our team has been working hard on these improvements and is excited to share these updates with our customers. Overall, we strive to have a positive impact on our users’ daily operations, through a combination of increased cohesiveness, intuitiveness, and responsiveness that we’ve embedded across the app.

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