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AlayaCare University: Empower your team with expert-led training

AlayaCare University

Imagine a world for aged, disability and home care where new workflows are easily adopted and put into practice by your admins and care providers. A world where you increase your team’s efficiency, decrease manual errors, and boost the adoption of digital best practices – without having to continuously train and re-train. This is now a reality with AlayaCare University. 

AlayaCare University is your organisation’s go-to resource when your people need to reskill or upskill. Based on feedback from our customers, we know that staff turnover is an ongoing challenge, a significant financial cost, and a disruption for many businesses. Our platform is designed to remove this burden, and offers a low-cost alternative to certify team members (current and new) on AlayaCare in a streamlined manner with interactive quizzes and videos. 

There’s no time like the present to take a dive into what this new educational initiative is all about and how it helps care providers across Australia and New Zealand. Your people are the lifeblood and backbone of your organisation – let’s empower them today so that they feel confident and technologically proficient tomorrow.

AlayaCare University (ACU) 

What is it?  

We understand that implementing and using new technology solutions can seem daunting, even when it is meant to make life easier. It takes time and practice for it to feel seamless. But for care providers, time is a scarce resource. With organisations now contending with increasingly demanding and competitive markets in Australia and New Zealand, client support can’t afford to lapse for any reason.      

That’s where AlayaCare University comes in. This dynamic online training platform provides your teams with the guidance they need to get the most out of our market-leading end-to-end software.  

As well as connecting teams with online resources, AlayaCare University will include live workshops at various events, such as Better Outcomes and key industry conferences. There is no substitute for face-to-face instruction, so AlayaCare will take any opportunity to teach clients about a new feature that has been rolled out, or how to take full advantage of any aspect of the software.

ACU in-person session at Better Outcomes User Conference 2022

AlayaCare University features:

  • 300+ lessons 
  • 250 + videos 
  • 40+ hours of learning content 
  • 36 individual courses (more to come!) 
  • 10 role-defined learning plans 
  • 25+ downloadable course recaps 

Developed by the product experts, AlayaCare University courses and content teach your teams job-based skills and can be adapted as your training needs change. AlayaCare University empowers and inspires learners through certificates that show their progress and up-skilling.  

  • Enroll in courses tailored to job functions 
  • Watch engaging e-learning videos   
  • Take course quizzes to test knowledge   
  • Receive certificates for completion
  • Monitor progress and encourage course completion 

Why do we need it? 

Built by a team of industry experts, AlayaCare University is especially designed to address three key challenges for providers:  

Reduce the burden of training and onboarding new employees

Having AlayaCare University accessible at your fingertips, means AlayaCare experts can, in a way, train new users as well as train existing users in any new software features. The curriculum to onboard and up-skill is pre-loaded into AlayaCare University, giving your team to access it and take it on-demand whenever they have time.  

Employee churn 

Staffing shortages are one of the biggest problems facing aged, home and disability care providers in Australia and New Zealand.  Due to potentially high stress and challenging work, losing coordinators and field workers is an ongoing roadblock.  

The good news is that studies have shown that employees who receive timely access to up-skilling and learning opportunities are less likely to churn. If you go live with great technology but two months later suffer a 10% turnover in staff, that means you must onboard new staff who are untrained — forcing users to train users, rather than the people who created the technology. 

Inconsistent use of technology  

Across different businesses, there are hundreds of ways people might choose to get the job done with any software solution. But as any home, aged or disability care provider will know, there are specific methods to perform tasks with the highest efficiency. We believe there is room to set these best practices within the AlayaCare curriculum, so users understand the proven, optimal way to operate from the get-go. Best practices exist everywhere else in health practice, so they should exist in home and aged care too. It makes life easier, employees will be happier, and all your processes will run smoother.  

Read more about how ACU works, how you can get access, and what to expect. This is also a valuable opportunity to connect with other ACU users and share your experiences with one another. 

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