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How To Improve Home Care Employee Retention

Because employee churn doesn’t have to be a challenge for your business.

Caregiver churn is a significant pain point for providers in 2021

Our 2021 Home-Based Care Technology Survey revealed that home care organizations want to shift strategies to improve employee retention and avoid high costs of turnover. 

64% Industry Turnover in USA in 2020

4.5k cost per employee to replace

40% industry turnover average

See below how AlayaCare used data science to help address employee churn.

3.8 out of 5 survey respondents said they would implement technology to help predict employee churn

Employee retention data and satisfaction score metrics can help home care organizations spot the warning signs of churn before it’s too late.  

AlayaCare worked with a private duty agency that saw immediate improvements in employee satisfaction by implementing our satisfaction score metric model. The graphic on the right illustrates the results.

30% Increase in average employee satisfaction score

Employee churn statistics

Pay and benefits, lack of hours / inconsistent hours, and safety concerns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic were the three most common reasons for employee churn

Optimized scheduling and mandatory COVID-19 screeners simplify workflows and help coordinate your staff hours efficiently and safely.   

AlayaCare worked with enterprise private duty client to implement schedule and route optimization, which led to significant increases in savings and employee utilization.  Learn more about this project.

80% of respondents stated that caregiver churn is disruptive to their businesses’ bottom lines

The image on the right shows just how much churn can cost, and how consistent reporting and data science can help you maximize your resources, minimize waste, and save money.

Using the right home care software such as AlayaCare will give you the tools to gather actionable data. See what your savings could look like with our home care savings calculator.

concrete savings through intervention strategies that prevent churn and minimize onboarding costs

Actionable insights graphic

60% of respondents said employee churn increased in their organizations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic

Investing in software that embraces data science and R&D  your organizations to leverage the power of data to achieve better outcomes. 

Improving employee satisfaction allowed our clients to retain and create jobs, even during a pandemic. 


50% of respondents say they’re willing to invest to address their employee churn problem

Invest in your future with AlayaCare 

AlayaCare provides the tools and services you need to improve your caregiver retention

In addition to an end-to-end home care software that will improve your operations, our dedicated R&D team, AlayaLabs, can work with you to better understand your data and harness the insights you need to achieve better outcomes. 


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