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We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the discontinuation of the CIMS product and the transition to AlayaCare. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Amirali Elahipour if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a one-on-one demonstration of the AlayaCare platform.


Why is AlayaCare discontinuing CIMS?

AlayaCare has invested heavily in the AlayaCare Cloud product to ensure the features you prefer and value from the CIMS product are reflected in our leading SaaS platform. Over the past four years, Doug Gowdy, Director of Community Support Services and Founder of Canesto, has been working with our development and implementation teams to ensure the AlayaCare platform meets and exceeds the needs of the CSS market, and as a result, we have seen a substantial portion of CIMS make the transition to AlayaCare. We believe the time is right to put all our focus on the next generation of technology within the AlayaCare platform and are committed to providing a seamless transition experience.

Why should I move to AlayaCare?

We believe that existing CIMS customers will be able to unlock even greater value from their data to drive smarter business decisions and more intelligent client experiences.


AlayaCare is a modern, cloud-based platform that has all the functionality of CIMS plus more. AlayaCare also offers several premium features including but not limited to:

  • Vaccine Tracking
  • Virtual Care
  • Payment Processing  

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how AlayaCare can create capacity and provide better business insights for Ontario home and community care organizations. 

What does the CIMS to AlayaCare implementation look like?

The AlayaCare Implementation timeline is a four-month process from kick-off to project closeout. Below are some of the key activities included in the process:

  • Kick-off: Overview of project goals, timelines, and next steps. 
  • Workflow review and testing: Walkthrough and testing of your new workflows (e.g. client intake, scheduling) in AlayaCare as per best practices. 
  • Data mapping and migration: Setup of new foundational codes in AlayaCare, mapping new codes with CIMS data, migration and validation of your data in AlayaCare. 
  • Training: Super user training on the validated workflows in AlayaCare. 
  • Go-live: Day of switching operation from CIMS to AlayaCare. 
  • Stabilization to project closeout: 4-6 weeks of direct support (e.g. first actual payroll run support) from your implementation team before closing out the project and transitioning to your Account Manager and Help Desk.

Will my data be migrated from CIMS to AlayaCare?

Our recommendation is to migrate the data that will help you in your operations moving forward (i.e. Client/Employee demographics). Switching to AlayaCare would be a great opportunity to conduct a data cleanse. Our team will support and guide you throughout the process.

Does AlayaCare offer the same features and functionality as CIMS?

Yes, AlayaCare has been working hard to develop the features you prefer and value in the CIMS product into the AlayaCare Cloud system. AlayaCare offers a complete solution to manage the entire client lifecycle from referrals and intake to interRAI assessments and OHRS reporting.


Moreover, AlayaCare supports multiple service lines including Meals on Wheels, Transportation, Adult Day Programs, Assisted living, Companionship, Home Care, etc. in a single integrated, cloud-based system.

What happens to our OHRS reporting?

The OHRS accounts will be incorporated into the AlayaCare workflows. You will be trained in how to utilize our Data Exploration feature for OHRS reporting.

What happens with my support after the CIMS discontinuation date?

After the CIMS discontinuation date, the product will no longer be supported or updated by AlayaCare.

How quickly can we move to AlayaCare?

Our team has developed a plan to assist CIMS customers with this migration and will

What is happening to my CIMS project team/contact/etc.?

Your key contacts and staff will remain the same. The AlayaCare team is looking forward to continuing to support your organization.

Who should I contact to learn more about converting from CIMS to AlayaCare?

You can either request a demo of the AlayaCare platform, or you can reach out to the following contacts: 


Amirali Elahipour  
Account Executive

Doug Gowdy
Director, Community Support Services